3.273 call for publications (33)

Thu, 20 Jul 89 17:46:36 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 273. Thursday, 20 Jul 1989.

Date: 20 July 1989
From: Willard McCarty <MCCARTY@vm.epas.utoronto.ca>
Subject: call for publications, HCY 1989

Authors who want to be certain that their work is included in The
Humanities Computing Yearbook 1989 should send offprints or copies to
the general editors immediately. Both current software and conventional
publications issued during 1988-89 are eligible. The HCY aims to present
the very best work in all areas of humanities computing wherever it is
done and in whatever language. Work done in previous years but still
current is also of interest. All material needs to be in our hands
by 31 August 1989.

We would in general welcome regular submission of work to us for
consideration in the subsequent volume of the Yearbook.

Thanks very much.

Ian Lancashire
Willard McCarty
General Editors, HCY

Willard McCarty