3.293 mind no mind (editorial in 42 lines)

Thu, 27 Jul 89 22:17:06 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 293. Thursday, 27 Jul 1989.

Date: 27 July 1989
From: Willard McCarty <MCCARTY@vm.epas.utoronto.ca>
Subject: the road to excess

My thanks to those Humanists who immediately wrote in with supporting
words for this global-e-village headman's halt-calling. (Sorry, it's the
poetry I was raised on.) I continue to think that we must pay attention
to what we're doing. One cherished friend pounced on me for using the
phrase "what we're all about", exclaiming with his usual satiric wit
that at least someone knew! I had to reply that at times I could
certainly tell what Life is not about. Another wrote in saying that he
hoped we would not turn into mere exchangers of information. I think he
has not much to fear.

Mindfulness is the virtue I tend to invoke, but it is certainly hard to
say what that is, and perhaps even harder to achieve. Certainly respect
for others in all their diversity is part of it, and taking over the
stage for lengthy orations is not obviously a sign that the speaker
cares much about his or her listeners. Alas, those of us below cannot
make faces or fidget, but anyone here can write to me and express
discomfort. Do not think that because Humanist's messages technically
originate from my account, or because I personally send each one out,
that I am in solidarity with the actual author. Even when I am the
author, I may not always identify with what has been said..... But let
us not talk about the fiction of the ego or we'll really get into muddy

As I say, Humanist is what you make of it. I invite anyone who thinks
that I am in control to start his or her own electronic seminar and then

Willard McCarty