3.296 new discussion groups (110)

Thu, 27 Jul 89 22:22:31 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 296. Thursday, 27 Jul 1989.

Date: Thu, 27 Jul 89 18:52 CST
From: Marshall Gilliland 306/966-5501 <GILLILAND@SASK.USask.CA>
Subject: New LISTS (98 lines)

Members of HUMANIST with access to BITNET and its related networks may wish
to know of these new lists, excerpted from the June 1989 issue of BITNET'S

Marshall Gilliland

New Mailing Lists from NEW-LIST, North Dakota State University
Send list announcements to NEW-LIST@NDSUVM1

Each of the lists described here is maintained on a LISTSERV
machine unless otherwise noted. To subscribe to one of these
lists you would send the following command to the the
appropriate server via mail or message.

SUBSCRIBE listname Your_full_name

For example, if your name is Kristen Shaw and you want to
subscribe to a list described as "DIAPERS@YALEVM" you would
send the following command to LISTSERV@YALEVM:


To make contributions to the list you would send mail to
DIAPERS@YALEVM. Please note that this is just and example and
to my knowledge there are no mailing lists about diapers
(although you never know).

EMUSIC is a complementary pair of lists, EMUSIC-L and EMUSIC-D,
both devoted to the discussion of Electronic Music. The intent
of the lists is to provide as open a forum as possible, while
allowing the subscriber to actively choose the degree of
participation, based on particular interests in any attendant

The list EMUSIC-L is organized as an open conversation, with
all input immediately distributed to the subscribers.
Discussions on this list change rapidly, can be brief or long-
winded, and range from aesthetics to technology.

The list EMUSIC-D is a digest, and tends more toward a question
and answer format. At times, if a topic seems to be likely to
spin off from the main threads of discussion, the editor will
recommend that it be transferred to the conversational list.

In no case is dual subscription necessary. All input to
EMUSIC-D is passed directly to EMUSIC-L, and relevant
information generated there is edited into the digest. Both
lists are actively monitored and moderated.


This list is dedicated to the discussion of all forms of music,
in all its aspects. Its founding is based on the understanding
that most people who listen to and enjoy music do so from a
variety of standpoints, and that a general, unlimited forum is
desirable for both the integration and expansion of musical
ideas, techniques, and understanding. Therefore, all topics
having to do with music are welcome, including but not limited
to: composition, performance, recording; research, critique,
inquiry, advocacy; instrument design, ethnomusicology,
psychacoustics, orchestration; jazz, classical, funk,
plainchant; and anything else you can think of. If a topic is
running that you have something to say about, or to question,
jump in. If you have something entirely different in mind,
start up another thread. Music is universal. With the advent
of electronic communication, so are we.


LITERARY is a list for any lover of literature. Discussions
will include favorite authors, favorite works, literary styles,
criticisms, etc. (in fact, basically anything you can think of
regarding literature, unless postings become too numerous).
Postings from scholars as well as interested parties are


This list distributes Amnesty International's urgent action
appeals, usually one per month. They are 1 or 2-page summaries
of a specific case of human rights abuse, such as a small group
of people who have been arrested wihtout reason, or are being
held secretly, or tortured, etc. They give the prisoners'
names, why they were arrested, who to write to, and what they
suggest you say.

Amnesty International is concerned with human rights, not just
amnesty. Sometimes they ask members to write letters
requesting not freedom, but better or more just treatment.

You don't have to be a member of or endorse Amnesty
International to receive this list. Additional discussion or
info from other organizations may be distributed.