3.315 spell-checking (45)

Wed, 2 Aug 89 21:18:41 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 315. Wednesday, 2 Aug 1989.

DATE: Wednesday, August 2, 1989, 17:36:28 MST
FROM: John J. Hughes <XB.J24@Stanford.BITNET>
SUBJECT: Spell checking transliterated languages

Dear Fellow HUMANISTS,

Some time ago I requested help in locating a spell checker that
would accept strings such as A)/RXN as valid words and spell
check accordingly. Most spelling programs do not recognize
nonalpha characters as valid constituents of words; they tend to
see these nonalpha characters as word separators. After trying
many programs, I can report that WordPerfect 5.0's spelling
program is the only program I have found that will accept such
strings as valid words. Additionally, unlike many programs, WP50
allows users to add words to the main dictionary.

Soon, I will have a completely alphabetized list of every unique
form in the Greek New Testament. This list will be based on Tim &
Barbara Friberg's database of the GNT, which was created in the
late 1970s at the University of Minnesota. I plan to add this
list to my WP50 main dictionary file--WP{WP}US.LEX. Then I will
be able to use WP50 to spell check files that contain
transliterated Greek that follows the transliteration scheme used
in the Friberg's material.

Any HUMANIST who is interested in obtaining a copy of a
machine-readable version of the alphabetized list of every unique
form in the Greek New Testament should contact me at



John J. Hughes