3.329 last word on misandry (45)

Sat, 5 Aug 89 15:27:37 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 329. Saturday, 5 Aug 1989.

Date: Fri, 04 Aug 89 07:33 CDT
Subject: gender specific man haters (concluded?)

Thanks to all those who have provided communications
concerning gender specific man haters. This is a
short summary of the situation as it seems to me.
The appropriate root term in Greek is ANDR
meaning `man' -in the gender sense. Words such
as `polyandrous' illustrate this root. Using
this root and the existing `feminine' terms
`misogyny' and `misogynist' we could form
the following pairings:
misogyny --- misandry
misogynist --- misandrist
The `male' pairings seem to be lacking in
attraction to lexicographers, in particular
those associated with the OED. Our edition
of the OED lists neither `misandry' nor
`misandrist'. A l976 supplement lists
`misandry' under the prefix `miso'-presumably
because `miso' is the prefix of the existing
female term. (Isn't that sexist?) Quotations
illustrating the use of `misandry' are from
1946 and 1960 ,rather recent in lexicographic
terms. `misandrist' is not listed at all.
The Webster's 3rd International recognises
`misandry' but not `misandrist'.
Perhaps some budding Sam Johnson--the front runner
among lexicographers-- is reading this, and
having perfected a protocol for citing electronic
texts, will recognise this HUMANIST text by
citing it in his online dictionary.
We will end then not with a use but a
mention. `misandrist'.
Ken Hanly Brandon Univ.