3.356 uses of Humanist, cont. (30)

Mon, 14 Aug 89 20:28:48 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 356. Monday, 14 Aug 1989.

Date: Mon, 14 Aug 89 10:05:54 EDT
Subject: Uses of Humanist

In your recent batch of testimonials on the a/m subject, number 7 was
anonymous so I cannot respond directly to number 7. Excuse me, then, for
addressing you instead. 'Anonymous' says his specialty is applied linguistics
and French CALL, and suggests he would like to speak to others so interested.
If he is not already <lessardg@qucdn>, 'anonymous' should get in touch with my
colleague Greg Lessard at Queen's, who is doing very nicely in the same field
(under our rubric of VINCI).
I might add, since I have your eye, that HUMANIST reminds me of the old
staff common room we used to have when humanities departments were smaller,
teaching schedules were fixed across the week, and people from all departments
would meet one another over coffee between classes. The proximity of
lecturing/expatiating/teaching combined with respect for a wider, usually
wiser, though relaxed audience, gave rise to a sort of common-room
conversation that has since been lost in the business-like departments we now
have. Long live your new electronic version of the old common room!