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(1) Date: Fri, 18 Aug 89 20:56:57 CDT (13 lines)
Subject: Academe July-Aug 1989

(2) Date: Fri, 18 Aug 89 12:45:00 EST (52 lines)
From: Diane Geraci <FAC383@BINGVAXA>
Subject: Call for Papers IASSIST '90

(3) Date: 19 Aug 89 09:32:28 EDT (17 lines)
From: Jim Cahalan <JMCAHAL@IUP.BITNET>
Subject: Composition

(4) Date: Mon, 21 Aug 89 09:39:00 EST (91 lines)
From: Diane Geraci <FAC383@BINGVAXA>
Subject: BITNET/CSNET Merger

(5) Date: Sat, 19 Aug 89 19:04:00 EDT (40 lines)
From: Brian Kahin 617-864-6606 <KAHIN@HULAW1>
Subject: MIT Communications Forum

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Date: Fri, 18 Aug 89 20:56:57 CDT
Subject: Academe July-Aug 1989

Most of the July-August issue of Academe, the bulletin of the AAUP, is
devoted to articles dealing with "The Electronic Library." Particularly
interesting reading is the lead article, "The Electronic Library and the
Challenge of Information Planning" by Timothy Weiskel of Harvard.

Selden Deemer
(404) 727-0271
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Date: Fri, 18 Aug 89 12:45:00 EST
From: Diane Geraci <FAC383@BINGVAXA>
Subject: Call for Papers IASSIST '90

IASSIST Annual Conference: Call for Papers

The International Association for Social Science Information Service and
Technology (IASSIST) will hold its 16th annual conference May 30-June 3, 1990
in Poughkeepsie, New York at the Radisson Hotel. IASSIST is an international
association concerned with the acquisition, processing, maintenance, and
distribution of machine-readable text and/or numeric social science data.
Founded in 1974, IASSIST includes among its membership social scientists, data
archivists, librarians, information specialists, researchers, programmers,
planners, and government agency administrators.

The 1990 IASSIST conference has as its central theme "Numbers, Pictures, Words
and Sounds: Priorities for the 1990s." This title reflects the ever-expanding
universe of data types, as well as related hardware and software development.
The Program Committee is now soliciting contributions in the forms of papers,
proposals for panel discussions, roundtables, poster sessions, and workshops to
be presented at the conference. All papers or proposals concerned with the
generation, transfer, retrieval, storage, and use of machine-readable social
science data will be considered. Papers that discuss issues and technologies
related to non-numeric data are particularly encouraged.

For more information contact:

Sarah E. Cox-Byrne
Data Archives
Vassar College Library
Box 20 Vassar College
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Laura A. Guy
Data and Program Library Service
3308 Social Science Building
1180 Observatory Drive
Madison, WI 53706

Please feel free to pass this on to other individuals, or list-servers.

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Date: 19 Aug 89 09:32:28 EDT
From: Jim Cahalan <JMCAHAL@IUP.BITNET>
Subject: Composition

In response to Paul Brians' inquiry about an Email forum on computers in
composition, I had found one listed whose address is
The only trouble is that after signing up several months ago, I've never
received anything from them. They had described themselves as "a moderated
weekly newsgroup for the study of computers and writing, specifically
writing instruction in computer-based classrooms." If you get anything
from them, please let me know. Perhaps I made some kind of mistake when
I tried to sign up.

Jim Cahalan, Graduate Literature <JMCAHAL@IUP.BITNET>
English Dept., 111 Leonard, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Indiana, PA 15705-1094 Phone: (412) 357-2264
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Date: Mon, 21 Aug 89 09:39:00 EST
From: Diane Geraci <FAC383@BINGVAXA>
Subject: BITNET/CSNET Merger

[The following has been plucked from the PACS-L discussion group,
as usual without permission and with thanks. --W.M.]

BITNET/CSNET Announce Merger and Formation of CREN

Washington, DC, August 18, 1989: Two of the nation's leading
academic and research computer networks announced today
that final steps are being taken to merge their organizations.
Ira Fuchs, President of BITNET, and Bernard Galler, Chairman of
CSNET, jointly reported that the two networks, which together
include 600 colleges, universities, government agencies, and
private sector research organizations, will unite to form the
Corporation for Research and Educational Networking, CREN.

Galler, a Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer
Science at the University of Michigan, commented: "The aims of
CSNET and BITNET--to support and promote the use of
computer networks on campuses and within research
organizations--have converged over the last several years. We
believe that by bringing these two networks into a single
organization, we will be able to provide better service to our
network users and more effectively participate in the fast-
changing national network environment."

Fuchs, Vice President for Computing and Information
Technology at Princeton University, sees the move as a
strengthing factor: "The need for campus networks and the
introduction of new technology make it necessary to build a
common base of network services using the most progressive
technology available. By eliminating overlap between our two
organizations, we will become more efficient, and more
importantly, we can take a stronger role in the the formation of
the national education and research network. We can achieve
this goal faster and at lower cost by leveraging the efforts of
the two major academic networking organizations."

The merger of CSNET and BITNET has been studied for more
than a year by a planning group consisting of representatives
from both networks. CSNET currently lists 145 institutional and
corporate members, and BITNET 480 members. Together, the
two networks cover all 50 states and 32 foreign countries,
including Japan, Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina. Both maintain
gateways to EARN (European Academic Research Network),
NetNorth (Canada), and the National Internet.

The planning group's recommendations to merge were
approved by the BITNET, Inc. Trustees and the Directors of the
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, operators of
CSNET for the last five years. An information packet on the
merger is being mailed to all members of both networks this
week, with a ballot for BITNET members, who must approve
the final legal steps under the provisions of BITNET By-Laws.
In an advisory vote last winter, BITNET members approved the
merger in principle by more than 90% of those voting.

A gradual transition period is planned to bring together CSNET
and BITNET services. CREN plans to continue use of EDUCOM
and Bolt, Beranek and Newman (BBN) to provide technical and
general management services to its members.

EDUCOM President Kenneth M. King commented, "We are
entering a particularly challenging period in the creation of an
advanced national network infrastructure for research and
education. CREN will play a major role in the future of these
computer networks, which are becoming more and more
important to the conduct of research and the quality of
education. EDUCOM is pleased to have an opportunity to
support the services and activities of CREN. "

Frank Heart, Senior Vice President, BBN Systems and
Technologies Corporation, said, "In keeping with its long
involvement in the development of networking technologies,
BBN is pleased to play a major supporting role in the evolution

The proposed CREN Board includes Fuchs and Galler; Douglas
Bigelow, Wesleyan University, William Curtis, University
Corporation for Atmospheric Research; David Farber, University
of Pennsylvania; Suzanne Johnson, INTEL Corporation; Mark
Laubach of Hewlett-Packard Corporation; Philip Long, Yale
University; Dennis Ritchie, AT&T Bell Laboratories; Martin
Solomon, University of South Carolina; Douglas Van Houweling,
University of Michigan; and William Yundt, Stanford University.

For more information, contact CREN, Suite 600, 1112 16th
Street NW, Washington, DC, 20036; 202 872-4215.
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Date: Sat, 19 Aug 89 19:04:00 EDT
From: Brian Kahin 617-864-6606 <KAHIN@HULAW1>
Subject: MIT Communications Forum seminar

"The Electronic Library: Vision and Implementation"

MIT Communications Forum
October 26, 1989

2:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Bartos Theater
Bldg. E15 Lower Level
20 Ames St.

Vinton Cerf, Corporation for National Research Initiatives
Patricia Battin, Commission on Preservation and Access
Steven Lerman, MIT
Mark Kibbey, Project Mercury, Carnegie-Mellon University
Gregory A. Jackson, Harvard Graduate School of Education
John Garrett, Copyright Clearance Center

Computer-enhanced access to information, low-cost mass
storage, and the emergence of high-bandwidth networks
are making feasible a new concept of the library. The
"electronic library" has evolved beyond library automation to
encompass profound transformations in scholarly communication,
publication, and research -- and to represent a vision of an
institution without walls and without circulating books.

Realizing the vision of the electronic library will entail
creating new institutions as well as transforming old ones. It
will require resolving difficult technological, cultural,
economic, and legal issues. This seminar will present visions of
the electronic library, perspectives of user, publisher, and
library communities, and strategies for implementation.

For further information call 617-253-3144.