3.460 French programme (23)

Tue, 12 Sep 89 18:42:32 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 460. Tuesday, 12 Sep 1989.

Date: Mon, 11 Sep 89 22:08:38 CDT
From: "Kevin L. Cope" <ENCOPE@LSUVM>
Subject: Polyvalent Programs in French Early and Mid-Modern History

Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge offers a fine program covering
many of the areas that Ms. Shapiro covers in her recent grammo concerning
programs in 19th century French History and Culture. She could write to
Carl Roider, Chairperson of the History Department, Nat Wing, Chairperson of
the French Department, or Michelle Gellrich, Chairperson of the Compparative
Literature Program, all at their respective departyments at Louisiana State
University at Baton Rouge. We have many new and established faculty members
working in just the areas of study that Ms. Shapiro wants to emphasize. Oh yes
--Baton Rouge is in Louisiana, America's Pelican State, and its zip code
is 70803. Y'all come and learn!