3.468 Making tests on a Mac (169)

Thu, 14 Sep 89 21:27:48 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 468. Thursday, 14 Sep 1989.

Date: Thu, 14 Sep 89 17:00:49 PDT
From: cbf%faulhaber.Berkeley.EDU@jade.berkeley.edu (Charles Faulhaber)
Subject: Test & exercise data bases for the Macintosh

Our local Apple rep has very kindly passed on the following information
about test & exercise data bases for instructional materials. I pass it
on in the hope that (1) it may prove of interest to my colleagues on
Humanist and (2) that some one of you may have some experience with
the packages listed.

I found the following information regarding test generation dbms on the
Macintosh in Apple's online Macintosh software database. I seem to remember
reading good reviews of LXR Test, however, I can't recall having examined it
closely. I will look for some articles that might
give some reviews and pass on the information to you.


MicroTest III

Test generator
512KE or larger Macintosh; external disk drive or hard disk drive; ImageWriter
or LaserWriter.

MicroTest III is a test generation system designed to simplify the tedious and
time consuming task of creating printed exams.

The question database is structured using a Book/Chapter organization and can
contain up to 10,000 questions per test bank. Questions can be entered via
preformatted screens for multiple choice, matching and true/false questions. A
free format screen is available for other question types, including essay and
short answer. Questions can be added, edited or deleted at any time. Graphics
and multiple fonts can be included in the databank.

Questions from a test bank can be exported from MicroTest to standard word
processing files and formatted files can be imported into the program. Test
banks can be stored either on a floppy or hard disk system. Users are able to
create an unlimited number of question banks.

Once the database is established, tests can be created by the computer
selecting a specific number of random questions or questions meeting user-set
criteria. A user can also select individual questions from a numbered grid
while previewing the actual question text. Tests can include up to 250
questions. Personalized instructions and heading information can be entered
and tests can be arranged to include several sections with separate headings.
Up to three different test versions can be printed to discourage cheating.
MicroTest will not split questions between pages and will print separate
answer keys for each test version.
$139 retail
Chariot Software Group; 3659 India St., Ste. 100; San Diego, CA 92103;
619-298-0202 or 800-242-7468

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listings and descriptions.

Test-generation program
Macintosh Plus or larger; 1 MB of RAM.

Maketest is a test-generation program that conforms to and takes full
advantage of standard Macintosh user interface features.

Users can enter multiple-choice, true-false, fill-in and free-form questions
(essay, matching, etc.); add, delete and edit questions; choose font, size,
bold, italic, underlining, subscript or superscript formatting; specify the
number of lines to be left blank after the question is printed; rank each
question's difficulty level; create and assign a topic to each question; write
and store notes about each question; paste in graphics from a clipboard; use a
browser to select previously entered questions for viewing or editing; and
$95 retail
Mountain Lake Software, Inc.; 1041 Lake St.; San Francisco, CA 94118;

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listings and descriptions.

Complete testing system, including test generation, scoring and analysis
Macintosh Plus or larger.

LXR-Test combines graphics layout, word processing and database management
functions to provide comprehensive item banking, test generation and scoring

A question editor permits a fill-in-the-form approach for entering a variety
of test question types. Questions may contain pictures imported from other
standard graphics applications. Each question in related to a testing
objective and stored in a database for instant access in constructing tests.
The program further provides for the tracking of item statistics and remedial
training information on a question-by-question basis.

Tests are generated by a point-and-click method or automatically by specifying
the number of questions that are to be covered for each testing objective. The
program is capable of generating multiple test versions by scrambling the
order of questions and question alternatives.

Additional features include: multicolumn layout for multiple-choice-question
types, rulers and tabs, student response form, solution "box" for storing and
printing detailed answers to each question, header/footer controls, global
type change facility, user-assignable question and alternative numbering,
"instant layout" capability for dragging a question from one position on a
test to another, page break controls and more.
$599 retail; scoring edition
$399 retail; full edition
$199 retail; teacher's edition
Logic Extension Resources; 9651-C Business Center Dr.; Rancho Cucamongo, CA
91730; 714-980-0046

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Instructional test generation, management and analysis
Macintosh Plus or larger; 2 MB of RAM; hard disk drive; ImageWriter.

TestWright is an instructional test generation, management and analysis
application that is built on a relational database. It stores thousands of
test items, creates and prints tests, provides both internal and spreadsheet
entries of student answers, calculates scores, prints several types of test
reports, does item analysis and stores and monitors essential test management

TestWright provides security for tests and test items through password
protection and controlled admission of users. Tests may include graphics and
may be administered online. Items may be typed into simple forms or imported
in several ways. Items may also be weighted.

TestWright is available in two versions. TestWright 1 is a multiuser
application that may be simultaneously accessed through eight different menus
and from as many as four independent users on the same network. TestWright 2
is a single-user, multiaccess application. It may be used on only one computer
at a time, but users may be admitted to eight different menus or forms of the
application depending on levels of responsibility. Except for the mode of
access, the two versions are identical.

TestWright explicitly supports testing by objectives and both individualized
and group testing. All test items are tied to instructional objectives, but
objectives may be stated in terms of content, rather than in behavioral form.
Tests prepared for administration to groups are treated differently from tests
prepared for administration to particular individuals. This arrangement
provides for the integrity of both test scoring and item analysis.
$545 retail; multiuser (software for host and three guests)
$245 retail; single user
$25 retail; demo
Preceptor Systems, Inc.; PO Box 3941; Frederick, MD 21701; 301-662-6883

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