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Thu, 12 Oct 89 19:43:39 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 574. Thursday, 12 Oct 1989.

(1) Date: Wed, 11 Oct 89 15:52 BST (51 lines)
From: Oxford Text Archive <ARCHIVE@VAX.OXFORD.AC.UK>
Subject: new shortlist of the Archive; institutional licencing?

(2) Date: Wed, 11 Oct 89 13:19:20 BST (48 lines)
From: Alan Bundy <bundy@AIPNA.ED.AC.UK>
Subject: RA Post in AI Dept at Edinburgh

(3) Date: Tue, 10 OCT 89 17:31:42 BST (56 lines)
Subject: Call for papers ALLC-ACH90

(4) Date: Thu, 12 Oct 89 16:51:25 CDT (35 lines)
From: "Eric Johnson DSU, Madison, SD 57042" <ERIC@SDNET>
Subject: English Position

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Date: Wed, 11 Oct 89 15:52 BST
From: Oxford Text Archive <ARCHIVE@VAX.OXFORD.AC.UK>

News from the Oxford Text Archive

---New catalogue now available---

A new edition of the Text Archive Shortlist is now available. The list
is now being produced using SGML-conformant software, and is therefore
being distributed in tagged form. A brief prefix has been added to the file
explaining the tagging scheme used. The information in the file has been
updated slightly and includes all deposits up to September 1988.

Alan Morrison has started work on updating the Text Archive database with
more detailed information about the texts, in particular their originals
and copyright status. We hope to include this information in the next edition
of the Shortlist.

The new catalogue can be sent by e-mail or downloaded from the fileserver
as usual. In extremis, we can even send you a copy on paper.

[The shortlist is en route from Oxford by e-mail but has not at this
moment been received. When it has been placed on the file-server I will
make the appropriate announcement. --W.M.]

--- Institutional Licencing?-----

Following up a suggestion of Marianne Gaunt's, we are experimenting with
an alternative to our current method of text distribution. The basic idea
is that an institution (for example your local university library or
computer centre) contracts with us to look after a reasonably large number
of texts for local use only. In return for an annual fee (the figure we
are considering is #1000), the institution receives regular updates on what
we have available, and is entitled to order up to (say) 100 Mb of text from
our list annually. Texts must be held centrally in a secure filestore, and a
responsible person from the institution must undertake to control access
to them in line with our usual conditions of use.

It may not be possible, for copyright reasons, to make all the texts in
the Archive available in this way - and clearly we could not do this with
any text without consulting with its depositor. However it offers us
and (we think) the scholarly community several clear advantages.

So far, this remains a largely experimental notion. We are however
currently negotiating with one large US University and a smaller US
private college, both of which have expressed satisfaction with the
proposed arrangements.

The views of Humanists on the matter would be, as ever, of interest
and importance...

Lou Burnard
Alan Morrison

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Date: Wed, 11 Oct 89 13:19:20 BST
From: Alan Bundy <bundy@AIPNA.ED.AC.UK>
Subject: RA Post in AI Dept at Edinburgh

Department of Artificial Intelligence
University of Edinburgh

(Mathematical Reasoning)

Applications are invited for an SERC supported post, tenable from 1st
January 1990, or on a mutually agreed date. Appointment will be to
September 30th 1991, initially, but with a possibility of renewal.
The research is to develop proof plans, a technique for guiding the
search for a proof in automatic theorem proving. The main application
is to the automatic synthesis, verification and transformation of
logic programs using constructive logic. The project is led by
Professor Alan Bundy and Dr Alan Smaill.

Candidates should possess a PhD or have equivalent research or
industrial experience. Knowledge of logic is essential and knowledge
of artificial intelligence, formal methods in software engineering or
logic programming would be an advantage. Salary is on the AR1A scale
in the range 10,458-16,665 pounds p.a., according to age,
qualifications and experience.

Applicants should send a CV and the names of two referees to:

Prof. Alan Bundy.
Department of Artificial Intelligence,
University of Edinburgh,
80 South Bridge,
EH1 1HN.

as soon as possible. The closing date for applications
is 14th November
1990. Further details may be obtained from Prof. Bundy (at the above
address or email to bundy@uk.ac.edinburgh or bundy@rutgers.edu)
quoting reference number 5717/E.

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Date: Tue, 10 OCT 89 17:31:42 BST
Subject: Call for papers ALLC-ACH90



17th International Conference
of the Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing
10th International Conference on Computing in the Humanities

5 - 9 June 1990

University of Siegen, Federal Republic of Germany

Papers are invited on all aspects of computing in linguistics, ancient and
modern languages and literature, and humanities disciplines such as history,
philosophy, art, archaeology and music which have methodologies in common
with textual computing.

Authors should send 6 copies of a 1000-1500 word abstract of their proposed
papers to the Conference Organiser

Professor Dr Helmut Schanze
ALLC/ACH Conference
Universitat Gesamthochschule Siegen
Postfach 101240
D-5900 Siegen
Federal Republic of Germany

Telephone: (0271) 740-4110


by 1 NOVEMBER 1989.

Acceptance notice: 1 February 1990
Early registrations: 1 April 1990

Details of proposed software demonstrations, poster sessions or session
themes, should also be sent to the Conference Organiser by 1 November 1989.

International Programme Committee:

Paul Bratley (Universite de Montreal)
Paul Fortier (University of Manitoba)
Jacqueline Hamesse (Universite Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve,
Programme Committee Chair)
Susan Hockey (Oxford University)
Nancy Ide (Vassar College)
Randall Jones (Brigham Young University)
Robert Oakman (University of South Carolina)
Helmut Schanze (Universitat Siegen, Conference Organiser)
Antonio Zampolli (Universita di Pisa)
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Date: Thu, 12 Oct 89 16:51:25 CDT
From: "Eric Johnson DSU, Madison, SD 57042" <ERIC@SDNET>
Subject: English Position


Dakota State University is seeking candidates for a full-time
tenure-track English faculty position in the College of Liberal
Arts beginning Fall Semester 1990. Qualifications include a
Ph.D. in English with a specialization in composition and
technical writing desired. Responsibilities include teaching
composition on MS-DOS microcomputers. Familiarity with computer
applications for writing and literary study important.
Familiarity with SNOBOL4 advantageous. Rank and salary are based
on qualifications.

Dakota State University is located in Madison, South Dakota,
approximately 45 miles northwest of Sioux Falls, in the southern
lakes region of the state. Dakota State is dedicated to
providing leadership in computer and information systems, and the
integration of this technology into other academic disciplines.

A letter of application, resume, and the names, addresses and
telephone numbers of three references should be sent to:

Eric Johnson, Dean
College of Liberal Arts
Dakota State University
Madison, SD 57042

Applications will be accepted until December 1, or until the
position is filled.

DSU is an Equal Opportunity Employer.