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Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 708. Monday, 6 Nov 1989.

Date: 5 November 1989
From: Willard McCarty <mccarty@utorepas>
Subject: BIOGRAFY 25, 1 of 2

Autobiographies of Humanists
Twenty-fourth Supplement

Following are 36 additional entries to the collection of
autobiographical statements by members of the Humanist discussion

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Willard McCarty
Centre for Computing in the Humanities, Univ. of Toronto
5 November 1989

*Alperson, Philip <PAALPE01@ULKYVM>

Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy; Chair, Division of
Humanities, University of Louisville; (502) 588-0460; Louisville,
Kentucky 40292

I am a philosopher, interested mainly in philosophical
aesthetics, though I am also interested in the philosophy of mind
and the philosophy of religion and have general interests in
several of the arts. My research focuses mainly on musical and
visual aesthetics. As Chair of a Division of Humanities which
offers a B.A. major and an M.A. in Humanities, I would be
especially interested in speaking with others who are familiar
with curricular programs or research centers in the Humanities.
*Baehr, Emily

NAME: Emily Baehr
INSTITUTION: Oberlin College
DEPARTMENT: Voice (singing opera stuff)
TITLE: Student (class of 1990)
or try SEB5609@oberlin (one will work)
Also, my internet address is SEB5609%oberlin@cunyvm.cuny.edu
until Oberlin gets an official internet address, and then it will
seb5609@ocvaxa.cc.oberlin.edu But this isn't until maybe
PHONE: 216-775-2467
ADDRESS: OCMR Box 129, Oberlin OH 44074


In name I'm a voice major at Oberlin College. But I'm interested
in all sorts of things. I was cochair of the Humanist Freethinker
Union for a while. Now I'm helping to organize a new group at
Oberlin for Neo-Pagans. This would be a place to go for
information and a place to have ritual, and a forum for
discussions. I'm currently taking a class in Graeco Roman womens
religion and am at the moment particularly interested in the
Syrian Goddess (Atargatis). I enjoy talking about philosophy and
theology (thealogy?!) and chocolate, among other things. Also I
am particularly active in the Pro Choice movement these days.

I wouldn't say I'm an expert on anything but I think I know a bit
about Norse mythology and being a Neo Pagan I know a bit of the
Celtic mythos. Not enough yet!
*Bandstra, Barry L.

NAME: Barry L. Bandstra
TITLE: Associate Professor
PHONE: Office (616) 394-7752; Home (616) 335-3345
ADDRESS: Hope College, Holland, Michigan

Born in Roseland on the south side of Chicago in 1951, I was
raised is a Dutch Reformed community. I attended Christian day
schools and graduated from Chicago Christian High School. I
enrolled in the University of Illinois, Champaign, and graduated
in 1972 with a major in Philosophy. From there I went to Calvin
Theological Seminary, B.D. 1975, where I became interested in the
ancient world and Semitic languages. I received a doctorate in
Near Eastern Languages and Literatures, Yale University, in 1982,
concentrating in North West Semitics. I taught at Geneva
College, Beaver Falls, PA for four years (1978-1982), Calvin
Theological Seminary for one year (1982-83) and have been
teaching Old Testament at Hope College since 1983.

My present research interests include developing a discourse
grammar approach to Biblical Hebrew and Ugaritic, and developing
computer based courseware for my teaching at Hope College. Much
of my work has been on IBM PCs, but this past summer (1989) I was
the recipient of a Macintosh II from Apple Computer, Inc. for the
expressed purpose of porting the courseware to the Mac.
*Beckman, Roger

NAME: Roger Beckman
INSTITUTION: Indiana University Library
DEPARTMENT: Chemistry Library
TITLE: Reference Librarian
EMAIL: Beckmanr@IUBACS.Bitnet
PHONE: 812-855-2235
ADDRESS: Chemistry Library Indiana University Libraries
Bloomington, IN

I'm the reference librarian in the Chemistry Library. Although I
work in a science library my humanist training and experience are
significant. I'm interested in overlap between the sciences and
the arts. Examples include using chemical analysis techniques to
uncover hidden underdarwings in paintings or the eye diseases of
James Joyce. I consulted at the libraries of the University of
Indonesia for a year (1984/85) and hope to do more work like
this. Modern technology such as journals on CD-ROM could be an
important way to bring developing countries' libraries up-to-
*Brown, Clarence

NAME: Clarence Brown
INSTITUTION: Princeton University
DEPARTMENT: Comparative Literature
TITLE: Professor of Comparative Literature
PHONE: 609-258-4727 or 609-258-4027
ADDRESS: 326 East Pyne, Princeton University, Princeton, N.J.


Born in Anderson, South Carolina, in 1929. Late Victorian
education in the Anderson Boys' High School (Latin, flogging),
along with Guy Davenport. Major: name-dropping. Greek major at
Duke. Drafted for Korean War. Learned Russian at the Army
Language School (Monterey). Spent balance of service translating
German in Berlin. Linguistics at Ann Arbor (MA), Slavic Languages
at Harvard (PhD, 1962). Stuck at Princeton since 1959.

Courses in short fiction, metafiction, Mandelstam, Wallace
Stevens, Acmeism, pictorial narrative (history of the American
comic strip), medieval Russian literature, the art of
translation, and other topics.

Professional cartoonist: comic strips in the SPECTATOR (London)
and VILLAGE VOICE (New York). Cartoon Editor of the SATURDAY
REVIEW for some years in the 1970s. Married to former astro-
physicist Jacqueline Brown, now Director of Information Services
at Princeton. One daughter (doctor), one son (financial analyst).
Worry incessantly why Robert Louis Stevenson misdated the last
letter of Henry Jekyll as 10 December, though no one seems to
*Brugger, Judy

NAME: Judy Brugger
INSTITUTION: City College of the City University of New York
TITLE: Serials Cataloger
E-MAIL: lib.jb@CCNY (BITNET only)
PHONE: (212) 690-4152 (w) ; (212) 569-0501 (h)
ADDRESS: M.R. Cohen Library / City College, CUNY / W. 138th St.
Convent Ave. / NY, NY /

I grew up in Iowa, but have been in 35 states, 8 countries and 3
continents, of course this was when I was young and foolish.
Recently, despite a constant struggle to avoid it, I am growing
more and more hidebound. I mean, now I keep jobs. Although in my
fantasy, I travel to Nova Scotia, eating fish there and growing
blueberries. I am in the Ph.D. program for comparative
literature at CUNY, have graduate work in English, French and
Russia; master's degrees in Library Science and English. I would
like to know more about education and its techniques, I would
like to be able to program in C language. I am an OK
bodybuilder. I am a good librarian with a certain expertise in
the ANSI standards, thanks to my mentor Sally C. Tseng. I used
to write a lot of poetry, but now I just write letters. I would
like to have somebody writing to me in Italian, which I'm now
studying very hard.

Department of English, State University of New York at Albany

I teach poetry and poetics at the state University of New in
Albany. I am also interested in music, especially jazz and
anything else that is strange enough, the other arts, bicycling
and hiking.

The technological world is thrust upon us, and the political
climate which it creates is too dangerous to ignore. I find
computers wonderfully handy, but I can't say that I like them.
They are altogether too visible. When I see my Macintosh, it
usually means that it isn't doing something I think it should.
On the other hand, I am not nostalgic about print. I have
recently finished a rather large manuscript, THE POETICS OF THE
COMMON KNOWLEDGE, which I claim (grandiosely, I am aware) begins
to prepare the legacy of literacy for the electronic age.
Anything we can write an algorithm for, including of course
thinking, should be turned over to machines. I am almost
exclusively interested in the OTHER stuff-- that is, the
generation of freshness.

I have published three volumes of poetry and a critical study of
the poet Charles Olson (who-- it might be relevant to note in
this context-- quoted Norbert Wiener's definition of a 'message'
in a poem which was written in 1949).
*Caldwell, Price

TITLE: Associate Professor
PHONE: (601) 325 3644 (English Department)
(601) 325 2370 (My office)
(601) 324 1234 (Home)
ADDRESS: English Department
Starkville, MS 39759


Price Caldwell was born in 1940 in the Mississippi Delta, grew up
in Hattiesburg. Educated at Davidson College (A.B) and Tulane
(M.A., Ph.D.) Has English at Wofford (1964-67), Furman (69-72),
and Miss. State Universities (72 to present). Spent 88-89 in
Tokyo at Meisei Univ. Has neglected career to pursue linguistics
as well as literature and fiction-writing. Interested in
alternate Chomskian syntax, and is working on Molecular Sememics,
an effort to provide a description of what kind of thing an
ordinary language is.
*Chang, Andrew

NAME: Andrew Chang
INSTITUTION: National University of Singapore, Department of
Acting Head
SOCCCT@NUSVM, 772-3821 or 7723826 (O),
Address: Department of Sociology
National University of Singapore
10 Kent Ridge Crescent
Singapore 0511
Republic of Singapore

Born in Taiwan, did undergraduate study there in history and
sociology. Attended the University of Chicago and obtained a
Ph.D. in Sociology in 1973. Joined the then University of
Singapore in 1969. Teach Social Thought and Social Theory as
well as the Sociology of Organizations. Have strong interest in
Tocqueville, Marx, Weber, among other social theorists. Have a
longstanding interest in reading philosophy. Have been
strunggling with Hegel for some years now. Heidegger is another
one. Consider myself a liberal in the French tradition, haing
been "in love with" Tocqueville for years. More laterly read
Marx intensively and have found him to be extremely profound.
Would take him as a humanist in a very true sense of the term.
Have read Bellah's Habits and am working on a critique of it: a
Tocquevillean critique of Bellah!
*Constantine, Paul J.

NAME: Paul J. Constantine
INSTITUTION: Yale University
DEPARTMENT: Reference Department, Sterling Memorial Library
TITLE: Coordinator of Computer-Assisted Reference Services
PHONE: (203) 432-1783
ADDRESS: PO Box 1603A Yale Station; New Haven, CT


I am currently a reference librarian and coordinator of Computer-
Assisted Reference Services at Yale's Sterling Memorial Library.
Having an MA and ABD in American Theatre and Drama from Indiana
University, I am keenly interested in the Humanities. My fields
of interest include 19th Century theatre and drama, American
Studies, Literature as Propaganda, Social History and Popular

My current position involves meeting the research needs of
members of Yale community, especially Humanists, specifically
through the use of computerized sources.
*Corrigan, Peter

NAME: Peter Corrigan
INSTITUTION: Trinity College, Dublin
TITLE: Post-doctoral Research Associate
EMAIL: corrignp@vax1.tcd.ie
PHONE: (+353 1) 772941 extn 1808 or 1871
ADDRESS: Department of Sociology, Arts Building, Trinity College,
Dublin 2
COUNTRY: Ireland

BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH (ca. 100-500 words)

Peter Corrigan (b. Dublin 1955) received both B.A. and Ph.D
degrees from the University of Dublin (Trinity College), and has
taught at Dublin, Tours and Stockholm. His doctoral dissertation
(1988) was entitled _Backstage Dressing: Clothing and the Urban
Family, with Special Reference to Mother / Daughter Relations_ (x
+ 292pp), and parts of this unpublished work are forthcoming in
_Sociology_ (Nov. 1989), _Semiotica_, and _The American Journal
of Semiotics_. His fields of interest include socio-semiotics,
qualitative methodology, conversation and discourse analysis, age
categories, the family, life course, and comparative cross-
national qualitative studies of family life in Ireland, France
and Sweden. He is currently preparing a book on the sociology of
clothing and fashion, and another on internal family relations.
*Da Gama Bentes, Amaury

INSTITUTION: UFRJ (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro)
DEPARTMENT: IPPUR (Inst.de Planejamento Urbano e Regional)
PHONE: 021 2606053

My name is AMAURY BENTES, I am a sociologist. During the year
1988 I studied in order to get a mastership degree on
Communication at UFRJ. Because of some administrative
difficulties I was forced to abandon that course before ending
it. At present I am studying to get mastership on Urban Planning
at the same institution. I'm particularly interested in the use
of informatics in Urban Planning. Nevertheless I'm open to
philosophical, ethical and techn. discussion in the humanities
*Eade, Fred

name: fred eade
institution: reading university
department: typography & graphic communication
title: research student / demonstrator
email: ltreade%uk.ac.rdg.am.uts@ac.uk
work: 0734318081 extn. 7211/ 0734 875123 extn. 8081
home: 0753882038
address: dept. typography, reading university, 2 earley gate,
p.o.box 239, reading rg6 2au, berkshire, england


Researching procedures to improve the design and legibility of
vernacular literacy materials, especially in west africa. This pr
current issues: initiating dialogue between the traditional
producers of literacy materials - linguists, and designers - who
will doubtless see primers from a different point of view from
that of the linguist. The project is really a pilot study and is
based in burkina faso. i have begun to conduct a range of
interviews with the indigenous population, designed to elicit
the indigenous visual conventions that exist, even in the pre-
literate mind. any thoughts on these two issues would be very
*Feerick, Jean

NAME: Jean Feerick
INSTITUTION: Georgetown University
DEPARTMENT: English Department in conjunction with the Academic
Computer Center.
TITLE: Project Assistant in the Georgetown Center for Text and
EMAIL: jfeerick@guvax
PHONE: 202-944-1284
ADDRESS: P.O. Box 3052
Georgetown University
Washington, D.C. 20057

I am currently a senior undergraduate at Georgetown University
with plans to continue on to the graduate level in English
Literature. I am assisting Dr. Michael Neuman in compiling and
maintaining a list of archives and projects in machine readable
text. Due to the fact that I will be working with the details of
this project to a large extent, such as sending letters of
request to colleagues engaged in such projects and incorporating
their responses into the catalogue, it would be appropriate for
me to gain a subscription to the HUMANIST so that I might be able
to track down new projects in a variety of fields.

The Georgetown Center for Text and Technology, in addition to the
aforementioned project, is creating electronic texts in the
following disciplines: modern Italian literature, Hegel, and
documents of the UN. I am assisting these activities in a
variety of ways.
*Flood, John

NAME: John Flood
INSTITUTION: Indiana University
TITLE: Assistant Professor
EMAIL: Flood@IUBACS.Bitnet
PHONE: (812) 855-1161
ADDRESS: School of Law, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
47405, USA
COUNTRY: United States of America

The best way for me to start is to declare I am a mongrel, ie, I
am English, but I have been living in the US for the past 8
years; and I am both a lawyer and a sociologist. I have my first
degree from the London School of Economics, an LLM from Warwick
University, another law degree from Yale and a PhD from
Northwestern. I have been teaching at Indiana University for the
last 2 years.

My research is in the area of the sociology of law with an
emphasis on lawyers. I am interested in the ways lawyers and
clients make sense of each other. This is tied up with the
question: what exactly do lawyers actually do? In connection with
other professions--eg, doctors, accountants, ministers--the
answer is almost self-evident. With lawyers it is a mystery.
Currently, I am looking at lawyers and other professional groups
cross-nationally to see what answers may crop up. In addition I
like to read about lawyers in fiction (which includes watching
L.A. Law). I am also researching the topic of international
dispute resolution, ie, how disputants from different countries
create their own legal order to tackle large-scale problems.
*Fraade, Steven D.

NAME: Steven D. Fraade
INSTITUTION: Yale University
DEPARTMENT: Religious Studies
TITLE: Mark Taper Professor of the History of Judaism
PHONE: (203) 432-0828 (Office)
ADDRESS: Department of Religious Studies, P.O. Box 2160 Yale
Station, New
Haven, CT 06520

I received my Ph.D. in Post-Biblical Hebrew Studies from the
Oriental Studies Department of the University of Pennsylvania in
1980, and have been teaching at Yale University since 1979. My
areas of academic interest are the history and literatures of
Judaism in late antiquity (Second Temple and talmudic periods),
which I teach both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. My
present research interests lie in ancient Jewish scriptural
commentary, both legal and narrative, ancient rabbinic attitudes
to scriptural translation in a multilingual cultural context,
and ascetic aspects of the varieties of ancient Judiasm. I am
working on a cultural history of ancient Judaism encompassing the
Second Temple and talmudic periods, based on the literary and
archeological remains.
*Heuer, Bronwen Jean

NAME: Bronwen Jean Heuer

INSTITUTION: The State University of New York at Stony Brook
DEPARTMENT: The Computing Center; Department of Hispanic
Languages and
TITLE: Coordinator of User Services; ABD doctoral Candidate
EMAIL: bronwen@sbccvm or bronwen@ccvm.sunysb.edu
PHONE: 516 632-8054 (office in comp ctr)
ADDRESS: Computing Center
State University of New York at Stony Brook
Stony Brook, New York
POSTAL CODE: 11790 --2400

With a B.A. in Comp. Lit from the University of California at
Irvine, I first found employment in a job that combined technical
writing with special library services. Some years later, I
landed a job at Stony Brook as a Documentation Specialist writing
computer manuals and doing user services around `getting started
using the computer' and using text processing systems.

In the meantime I resumed studying Spanish and have reached the
point of being ABD. I have lived in South America, taught English
as a Second Language and Business English in Bogota, traveled,
picked coffee in Nicaragua and hope that someday my computer
skill and my language skills will dove tail into one job.
My doctoral dissertation treats Quevedo's jacaras and is entitled
`El Desfile de los Condenados: The Narrative of the Condemned in
Quevedo's Jacaras.' I have done a concordance of these poems and
am currently beginning the data entry for a second concordance
(the poems from which this tradition allegedly springs) and since
I am the TeX and LaTeX specialist here, I am typesetting my
thesis which includes a bilingual edition of the poems.
*Ikonen, Unto

NAME: Unto Ikonen
INSTITUTION: University of Joensuu
DEPT: Department of English


Unto Ikonen teaches applied linguistics and is a doctoral student
at the University of Joensuu, Finland. 1986-87 he was a
Fulbright scholar at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Main
research interests include the comprehension of spoken English
with special reference to listening task types and the use of
micro- computers in foreign language comprehension research.
*Jacobs, Jim

NAME: Jim Jacobs
INSTITUTION: Univ. ofCalifornia, San Diego
TITLE: Data Service Librarian
EMAIL: bitnet: jajacobs@ucsd internet: jajacobs@ucsd.edu
PHONE: (619) 534-1262
ADDRESS: Central University Library, C-075-R
La Jolla CA 92093

I am a librarian who provides data in machine readable formats to
a university library community. Although most of what I do deals
with numeric social science data, the library is interested in
expanding services for the humanities.
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