3.752 hypertext standardization workshop (96)

Willard McCarty (MCCARTY@vm.epas.utoronto.ca)
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Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 752. Wednesday, 15 Nov 1989.

Date: Tue, 14 Nov 89 20:22:00 EST
From: COLAN@ecs.umass.edu
Subject: Hypertext standardization workshop

[The following has been taken with thanks from the
FINEART Forum, Nov 15, 1989, Volume 3 : Number 29. --W.M.]

Date 20-OCT-1989 19:48:41.19
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Hypertext Standardization Workshop

sponsored by the

National Institute of Standards and Technology
National Computer Systems Laboratory
[month unspecified] 16-18, 1990

Hypertext and Hypermedia technologies have reached the point where they
have potential for formal standardization.

A number of authors have stated requirements for hypertext standards
and some have offered definitions and initial specifications for
consideration. In several cases, specialized standardization efforts
have already been initiated through interested organizations. The
purpose of this workshop is to provide a forum for presentation of
existing and proposed approaches to hypertext standardization in a
setting where authors can expect immediate feedback and possible
definitive action on their ideas.

Workshop goals are to consider hypertext system definitions, to identify
viable approaches for pursuing standards, to seek commonality among
alternatives wherever possible, and to make progress towards a coordinated
plan for standards development, i.e., hypertext reference model.A workshop
proceedings will capture position papers provided as input, as well as the
deliberations and conclusions of working groups set up in response. An
additional workshop output could be the initial draft of a candida e hy
pertext reference model and an organizational structure for its further

We are seeking a small number of detailed position papers that address
hypertext standardization. Papers may focus on global issues such as
abstract specifications, classification schemes, interface techniques,
exchange mechanisms, or discussion of which hypertext components may or
may not be appropriate for standardization. Papers that propose specific
requirements, definitions, or component specifications, or demonstrate
how hypertext standards might interface with existing graphics, image,
document, database, or language standards are also welcome. Even papers
that question the wisdom of hypertext standardization or assert that
standardization is premature are welcome.

Papers with general interest and substantial content will be selected for
preplenary session and be the subject of a follow-on
working group session. Other contributions will be identified for
discussion and consideration by one or more working groups.

Papers, or detailed abstracts, should be submitted before December 8,
1989, to:

Hypertext Standardization Workshop
Attn: Leonard Gallagher
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Technology Bldg 225, Room A-266
Gaithersburg, MD 20899
Telephone: 301-975-3251
Facsimile: 301-590-0932
E-mail: gallagher@ise.ncsl.nist.gov

Authors of papers selected for presentation at the plenary session will
be notified by December 21, 1989. All other contributions will be
identified in a document register and made available for working group

Workshop sessions will be held at NIST in the main Administration
building. All parties interested in Hypertext/Hypermedia
standardization are urged to attend. Participants must register in
advance for this workshop and pay a modest registration fee to cover
meeting expenses. Registration details will be provided in a separate
announcement, but interested parties may write to the above address or
contact Dan Benigni at 301-975-3266 or Jean Baronas at 301-975-3338.

NIST is located in Gaithersburg, MD about 15 miles North of Washington,
DC on Interstate 270 and 45 to 55 minutes driving distance from any of
the three Washington/Baltimore area airports. A number of hotels
ranging from very economical to full business class are located nearby.