3.852 activities of the MLA (54)

Willard McCarty (MCCARTY@vm.epas.utoronto.ca)
Thu, 14 Dec 89 21:21:16 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 852. Thursday, 14 Dec 1989.

Date: Thu, 14 Dec 89 10:10:00 EST
Subject: The MLA

I have communicated directly with Bob Kraft regarding his specific ques-
tions on the activities of the Modern Language Association, but for the
benefit of HUMANISTS at large:

The MLA Bibliography

is an analytic reference work for information on scholarly journal and
monographic publications in the fields of literature, languages,
linguistics and folklore

is available electronically online through Dialog Information Services
(years 1963 to date) and through the H. W. Wilson Company's Wilsonline
(1981 to date)

is available on CD-ROM (1981 to date) from the H. W. Wilson Company

has recently been released on tape for site licensing to libraries and
consortia networks

There is currently no MLA electronic text archive, although the Associa-
tion is following with great interest the work of other organizations in
this area. We are represented on the Advisory Board of the Text Encoding

The Association cooperates with numerous scholarly organizations to pro-
vide enhanced services to the field. For example, we recently launched
the MLA/Indiana University Cooperative Bibliography Project in Folklore
to improve coverage of folkloric material in the MLA Bibliography. This
pro- ject is co-sponsored by the IU Folklore Institute and the American
Folk- lore Society, and will serve as a model for future cooperative
biblio- graphic projects in other subject areas.

In a multidisciplinary forum such as HUMANIST, it is easy to become
lulled into the belief that everyone shares your own topical knowledge
base, knows you research tools and techniques, and understands your
terminology. I'd be happy to provide information on the MLA and its
services to anyone who requests it.

Daniel Uchitelle<MLAOD@CUVMB>
Modern Language Association