3.902 ScriptureFonts: Greek & Hebrew for WP5 (144)

Willard McCarty (MCCARTY@vm.epas.utoronto.ca)
Fri, 5 Jan 90 20:34:34 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 902. Friday, 5 Jan 1990.

Date: Fri, 5 Jan 90 19:59:36 EST
From: "John J Hughes" <XB.J24@STANFORD.BITNET>
SUBJECT: WordPerfect 5.0/5.1 + Greek & Hebrew

Dear Humanists,

In response to the recent spate of comments on WordPerfect 5.x and
multilingual word processing, I would like to draw your attention to a
new $79.95 add-on product that allows WordPerfect 5.0 users to enter,
display, edit, search, and print properly accented Greek and properly
pointed Hebrew.

The product is called ScriptureFonts, and it is available from

Zondervan Electronic Publishing (ZEP)
1415 Lake Drive, SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49506
(800) 727-7759 (orders only)
(616) 698-3222 (information; techni06 support)
(616) 698-3501 (information; technical support)

xDScriptureFonts was released in mid-November at the AAR/SBL meeting in

ScriptureFonts, was written by Jeffrey William Gillette in assembler
and is fully compatible with WordPerfect 5.0. Jeff is the author of
the Duke Language Toolkit and of MicroCALIS.

ScriptureFonts is now being made compatible with WordPerfect 5.1. Jeff
is writing an additional set of printer drivers to take full
advantage of the additional features in WordPerfect 5.1.

ScriptureFonts requires:
1. DOS 2.1 or later
2. WordPerfect 5.0 (dated January 1, 1989, or more recently)
3. IBM PC/XT/AT/PS/2 or compatible
4. 512K RAM
5. 425K free disk space
6. EGA, VGA, Hercules Graphics Card Plus, Hercules InColor
Card (CGA and monochrome monitors are not supported)
7. Epson LQ-1000, Epson LQ-1500, Toshiba P321SL, Toshiba P341SL,
IBM Proprinter (24-pin), Hewlett-Packard LaserJet +/II
(ZEP is in the process of developing printer drivers for
the following printers: (a) 9-pin IBM Proprinter,
(b) Hewlett-Packard DeskJet, (c) Hewlett-Packard DeskJet+,
(d) Hewlett-Packard IIP, (e) Hewlett-Packard IID,
(f) Epson FX-80, (g) Epson LQ-800, (h) Epson LQ-510T,
(i) Epson LQ-850, (j) Epson LQ-1050, (k) Epson LQ-2550,
(l) Epson FX-850, (m) Epson FX-1050, (n) Toshiba P351SX,
(o) Panasonic 1124, (p) Panasonic 1180, (q) Panasonic 1524,
(r) Panasonic 1624. Drivers also may be written for printers
manufactured by NEC, Okidata, Brother, Citizen, and Star.)

ScriptureFonts allows users to toggle among English, Greek, and Hebrew
keyboards and to display Greek and Hebrew keyboard layouts on-screen
in information windows.

GREEK: ScriptureFonts allows users to enter properly accented Greek.
Greek characters, with and without diacriticals, appear as
proper Greek on-screen. All diacritical marks are entered by
using intuitive CTRL+letter combinations, e.g., CTRL+A = acute,
CTRL+R = rough breathing. No back spacing is required to enter
diacriticals. Diacriticals may be entered in any order.
Rare characters such as sampi, koppa, digamma, and stigma are
included in the available character set. Thus ScriptureFonts
offers full support for Hellenistic Greek.

HEBREW: ScriptureFonts allows users to enter Hebrew consonants and
vowels as proper Hebrew characters. Consonants appear
ok on-screen. After entering a vowel, ScriptureFonts automatically
creates a WordPerfect overstruck character pair, so that the
consonant-vowel combination prints correctly. Vowels may be
displayed by using WordPerfect's Reveal Codes command or by
using its Print Preview command. Vocalized Hebrew prints
properly. The inability to display vowels in their proper
positions on-screen is a function of (1) the number of
available character slots on VGA and EGA cards, (2) the fact
that WordPerfect does not display both components of an
overstruck character pair (try this in English, and you will
see what I mean), and (3) the fact that WordPerfect can only
display characters included in its own character set. The
WordPerfect Hebrew character set (set #9) is a modern Hebrew
character set. Thus it does not include vocalized/compound
Hebrew characters.

Hebrew may be entered in two different ways: push-right and
lead-left. In the push-right mode, Hebrew is entered left-to-
right. The cursor remains stationary and Hebrew letters are
"pushed" to the right. In the lead-left mode, the cursor begins
flush at the right margin and leads right-to-left, as on a
Hebrew word processor. In the lead-left mode, Hebrew wraps
correctly, as on a Hebrew word processor.

ScriptureFonts includes the following useful pop-up help windows: (1)
Hebrew keyboard layout, (2) Greek keyboard layout, (3) Command
Summary, and (4) mini online manual.

Here is a listing of some of ScriptureFonts' other features:

(1) There are no codes to learn. You enter Greek as Greek and
Hebrew as Hebrew.

(2) You can mix Hebrew, Greek, and English words on the same line
and in the same sentence and paragraph.

(3) Entering Hebrew and Greek is simplified by allowing users to
toggle among English, Greek, and Hebrew keyboards. The key
assignments on the Greek and Hebrew keyboards are logical and
easy to remember.

(4) All accents, breathing, and other diacritical marks are
entered with single, intuitive, easy-to-remember keystroke

(5) The utility program (SFCONVRT.EXE) can translate Greek texts
in the Zondervan NIVpc format and in the Packard-TLG-Beta
format, and Hebrew texts in the Michigan-Claremont-Westminster
format into WordPerfect 5.0-compatible files. These files can
be displayed within WordPerfect 5.0 as proper Hebrew and
Greek characters, including vowels, accents, and other
diacritical marks, and they may be printed as proper Greek
and Hebrew characters on printers supported by ScriptureFonts

I will be glad to send any HUMANIST a Hewlett-Packard LaserJet+ print
out of a sample document that displays Greek, Hebrew, and English, as
well as a print out of a screen dump that shows how the text of the
printed document looks on-screen before it is printed. I also have
flyers that I will be glad to send interested parties.


John J. Hughes
Product Manager
Zondervan Electronic Publishing