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Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 920. Wednesday, 10 Jan 1990.

(1) Date: Tue, 9 Jan 90 10:03:00 EST (24 lines)
From: DJT18@hull.ac.uk
Subject: CATH 90: From Rhetoric to Reality

(2) Date: Wed, 10 Jan 90 10:14 CDT (32 lines)
From: <MG6BE8@PANAM>
Subject: International Humor Conference

(3) Date: Wed, 10 Jan 90 10:16 CDT (42 lines)
From: <MG6BE8@PANAM>
Subject: Contemporary Legend Conference

(4) Date: Wed, 10 Jan 90 13:25:39 PST (46 lines)
Subject: [DCGQAL]A0234!Eastern Europe

(5) Date: Wed, 10 Jan 90 17:15:37 EST (27 lines)
Subject: an Annenberg/CPB special funding Initiative

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Date: Tue, 9 Jan 90 10:03:00 EST
From: DJT18@hull.ac.uk
Subject: CATH 90: From Rhetoric to Reality

For distribution to all Humanists, please

The Computers in Teaching Initiative Centre for Modern Languages is
organising a Workshop as part of CATH 90, to be held at the University
of St Andrews, Scotland, 2-5 April 1990. "For some time now the promise
of a computer revolution has been held out to teachers in the humanities
in higher education. But how real are the opportunities it offers? What
effect are computers having on the humanities?" Further details of CATH
90 may be obtained from Dr R Dyckhoff, Local Organiser, CATH 90, Dept of
Computational Science, University of St Andrews, North Haugh, St Andrews,
Fife, KY16 9SS, Scotland, UK. Information about the CTI Centre for Modern
Languages, or a free copy of ReCALL with Software Guide may be obtained
from Mrs June Thompson, Information Officer, CTICML, School of Modern
Languages & Cultures, University of Hull, HU6 7RX, UK, Email:

Reply to Jan Eveleth's message, Tues 19 Dec 89, re E-dictionaries
Harraps multilingual dictionaries on CD-ROM would seem ideal for your
purposes. In the UK they are available from Multi Lingua, 61 Chiswick
Staithe, Hartington Road, London W4 3TP
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Date: Wed, 10 Jan 90 10:14 CDT
From: <MG6BE8@PANAM>
Subject: International Humor Conference

I would appreciate it if the following announecemnt could be posted. Thank you.

Sheffield, England

The Eighth International Humor Conference will take place at the
University of Sheffield, Sheffield, England between July 29 and
August 4, 1990. Abstracts for the conference are due on February
15, 1990.

The estimated cost of the conference is $450.00 which includes
registration and room and board exclusive of transportation to

For more information on the conference and abstracts write to:

Mark Glazer, President
International Society for Humor Studies
College of Arts and Sciences
The University of Texas at Pan American
Edinburg, Texas 78539
(512) 381-3551

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Date: Wed, 10 Jan 90 10:16 CDT
From: <MG6BE8@PANAM>
Subject: Contemporary Legend Conference

I would appreciate if you could post the following announcement. Thank you.




23-27 JULY 1990

Center for English Cultural Tradition
and Language, Sheffield, English.

Each summer since 1982 the Center for English Cultural Tradition
and Language has hosted a seminar for scholars working in the area
of contemporary legend. The encouraging response to these meetings
has prompted us to host a further seminar to be held in the summer
of 1990. This, it is hoped, will enable those interested in
contemporary legend to keep in touch with current research and also
provide a forum for the exchange of ideas.

The meeting, scheduled to extend over a five day period, will
function as a series of seminars in that the majority of those
attending will be expected to present papers and/or contribute to
the discussion sessions. If you wish to participate in the
seminar, abstracts of papers (up to 400 words and typed in double
spacing) should reach the convenor at the address below by the
1st of March,1990. Similarly if you would like to propose any
special discussion sessions, please do not hesitate to get in

For further information regarding the conference, please contact:
Paul Smith, The International Association for Contemporary Legend
Research, Department of Folklore, Memorial University of
Newfoundland, Canada, AIC 5S7.
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Date: Wed, 10 Jan 90 13:25:39 PST
Subject: [DCGQAL]A0234!Eastern Europe

On a purely personal and informal basis, I've become involved in an
colloquy which appears to be heading in the direction of a project / proposal /
effort to help foster some primitive form of electronic communications network
behind the Iron Curtain. Perhaps the first way to begin the process is mereley
to promote the establishment of store-front computer and copy centers in
various cities or on various campuses, similar to Kinko's or Copy Mat. The
idea is that such facilities are not raw material dependent, but could support
any of a variety of the entreprenureal and free market developments that seem
to be emerging all over Eastern Europe, through desktop publishing, computer
access, availability of generic software, and perhaps even some computer

It will take some initial seed money, maybe a grant or two, or some
guardian angel, and a lot of willingness. The results of such an experiment
could be particularly interesting, however, and might well be worth while in
the long term. As always, there are barriers, legal, bureaucratic, personal,
and inertial.

I'd be pleased to hear reactions from any HUMANISTs who might contribute
suggestions, encouragement, help, or reality checks.


Chet Grycz
Scholarship and Technology Study Project
Czeslaw Jan Grycz | BITNET: "[DCGQAL]A0234 Grycz" <XB.DAS@STANFORD>
University of California | - or - CJGUR@UCCMVSA
Kaiser Center, Eighth Floor | AppleLink: A0234
300 Lakeside Drive | MCI Mail: 262-7719
Oakland, California | Phone: (415) 987-0561
94612-3550 | FAX: (415) 839-3573


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Date: Wed, 10 Jan 90 17:15:37 EST
Subject: an Annenberg/CPB special funding Initiative

The Annenberg/CPB Project
Announces A Special
Funding Initiative

The Project seeks proposals from a broad range of 2- and 4-year
colleges and universities that would use technologies to make
academic programs more accessible to more types of students.
Priority will be given to projects that can serve individuals who face
constraints of schedule, distance, physical impairment, and/or cost.

Submission Deadline:
May 15, 1990

For guidelines, write or call:

The Annenberg/CPB Project
1111 Sixteenth Street NW
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 955-5256

or send electronic mail to: