3.973 call for software reviewers (192)

Willard McCarty (MCCARTY@vm.epas.utoronto.ca)
Mon, 29 Jan 90 19:53:08 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 973. Monday, 29 Jan 1990.

Date: Sun, 28 Jan 90 23:24:07 EST
From: "John J Hughes" <XB.J24@STANFORD.BITNET>
SUBJECT: Programs to Review for BBR


The BITS & BYTES REVIEW is looking for qualified software
reviewers to review the following programs. Interested persons
should contact:

John J. Hughes
CIS: 71056,1715
Tel: (406) 862-7280
FAX: (406) 862-1124

I will be glad to provide more details on any of the programs
listed below.

Articles in the BITS & BYTES REVIEW are abstracted in INSPEC,
Information Science Abstracts, and Software Reviews on File. Each
volume of the BITS & BYTES REVIEW contains nine issues.

A modest remuneration will be paid for each article accepted for

As needed, the BITS & BYTES REVIEW will supply new, full working
copies of software to persons who qualify as reviewers and who
enter into an agreement with the BITS & BYTES REVIEW to write a
review. Reviewers may keep the software, as long as they supply
an acceptable review on time.

* * * * *

(1) The following group of content-analysis programs should be
reviewed as a set:
A. A Concept Dictionary of English with Computer Programs for
Content Analysis--MS-DOS
B. Textpack V--MS-DOS
D. Disc-An--MS-DOS

(2) The following group of text-retrieval programs should be
reviewed as a set:
A. Get-A-Ref 4.0--MS-DOS
B. AnyWord--MS-DOS
C. GATOR--Generalized Automated Text Organization and
Retrieval System--MS-DOS
D. Textal--Macintosh & MS-DOS
E. Architext--Macintosh
F. TextSearch--MS-DOS

(3) The following group of stylistic analysis programs programs
should be reviewed as a set:
B. TTR (Type Token Ratio)--MS-DOS

(4) The following group of structural-analysis programs should
be reviewed as a set:

(5) The following group of bibliographical programs should be
reviewed as a set:
A. BibSearch--MS-DOS
B. Notebook II--MS-DOS.
C. BIB--Macintosh HyperCard stack
D. BIB.Notes--Macintosh HyperCard stack
E. Biblio 2.4--Macintosh HyperCard stack

(6) The following group of logic programs should be reviewed
as a set:
A. Boole, Jevons, Frege--Macintosh
B. QED Proof Checker--MS-DOS
C. Proof Tutor--MS-DOS
D. Trans Tutor--MS-DOS
E. Thrills (Leeds Logic System)--MS-DOS
F. The Logic Works--MS-DOS
G. SymLog--MS-DOS
H. Bertie II--MS-DOS
I. Venn--Macintosh
J. There are at least a dozen other logic programs.

(7) The following group of CD-ROM Bible programs programs should
be reviewed as a set:
A. MasterSearch Bible--MS-DOS
C. FABS Reference Bible--MS-DOS
D. The Bible Library--MS-DOS

(8) The following group of flashcard programs should be reviewed
as a set:
A. MILM--Hebrew flashcards--MS-DOS
B. MemCards--Greek and Hebrew flashcards--MS-DOS

(9) The following group of U.S. history programs programs should
be reviewed as a set:
A. American History I--MS-DOS
B. Simulations in United States History--MS-DOS

(10) The following group of MS-DOS utility programs should be
reviewed as a set:
B. Lightning--disk speed-up program
C. Cruise Control--cursor control program with screen dimmer
D. Dejaview--environment saver
E. Disk Wiz--disk & printer manager utility
F. PC-Fullbak--hard-disk backup utility
G. Show Me!--directory & file viewing utility
H. Norton Commander--DOS shell
I. X-Tree Gold--file manager
J. TakeTwo Manager--hard-disk backup and file-manager utility
K. RAM Lord--manager for RAM-resident programs
L. Tornado--notes program
M. SmartNotes--notes program
N. PrintQ--spool-to-disk print queue program
O. Vopt, Vfeature, Vcache--disk organizer, optimizer, caching
P. Norton Utilities
Q. Mace Utilities
R. Spoolmaster--printer spooler
S. Flash--disk speed enhancer
T. TallScreen--screen size extender
U. SpeedStor--hard-disk utility software
V. CoreFast--hard-disk backup

(11) Other text-management and text-analysis programs
A. Mercury/Termex--Lexical text-base manager; MS-DOS
B. KWIC-Magic--Key Word In Context Morphologically Analyzed
Glossed Item Concordance; MS-DOS
C. IT--interlinear text processing; Macintosh & MS-DOS
D. SoftQuad Author/Editor--An SGML context-sensitive text entry
system; Macintosh
E. TextMap--Correspondence and cluster analysis; MS-DOS
F. HyperBase--Statistical and documentary software for the
exploitation of large corpora; Macintoshes
G. LexiTex--textual analysis software; MS-DOS

(12) Word processing programs:
A. Multi-Lingual Scholar--MS-DOS
B. Lotus Manuscript--MS-DOS
D. MegaWriter--MS-DOS

(13) Database programs:
A. Revelation--database program; MS-DOS
B. 4th Dimension--database program; MS-DOS

(14) Dictionaries
A. Reference Series--Concise dictionary of 26 languages
in simultaneous translation; MS-DOS
B. Funk & Wagnall's Standard Desk Dictionary--MS-DOS
C. Proximity Merriam Webster Dictionary--MS-DOS

(15) Greek and Hebrew programs
A. CATSS-Base--Morphologically analyzed and aligned Masoretic
Text and Septuagint; concordance and text-analysis tool;
runs under 4th Dimension on Macintoshes.
B. Grapheion--System of HyperCard stacks that integrate Greek
texts, translations, and a parser and glossary; Macintosh

(16) LitTerms--Tutorial for understanding poetry, fiction, and
drama; MD-DOS

(17) Micro-TUSTEP--Scholarly information processing software;


(19) WordFinder--thesaurus program for Macintosh and MS-DOS

(20) MacProof--style analyzer; Macintosh

(21) PC-CASE--Computer-assisted scholarly editing--MS-DOS

(22) mcBOOKmaster--Multilingual authoring system; MS-DOS

(23) Glatt Plagiarism Screening Program--MS-DOS

(24) KAMAS--outlining software; MS-DOS