3.1013 e-mail addresses (31)

Willard McCarty (MCCARTY@vm.epas.utoronto.ca)
Tue, 6 Feb 90 20:15:17 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 1013. Tuesday, 6 Feb 1990.

Date: Mon, 5 Feb 90 14:57:18 EST
From: "Michael E. Walsh" <WALSH@IRLEARN>
Subject: Re: 3.970 e-addresses; e-resources (85)

With reference to case sensitive e-mail addresses, a good rule of thumb
is that all unix systems are case sensitive, in that the user name should
be lowercase. If using the 'old form' of unix network address, everything
before the @ symbol should be lowercase.

If it helps make life simpler, I have not found any system which REQUIRES the
user name in uppercase.

I also use a VM/CMS system for sending and receiving e-mail and do not have the
problem that Robert Kraft describes. The case of the address is controlled by
the MIXED/NOMIXED option on the MAIL or SEND command, and is defaulted to
MIXED since version 88.01.00 This default can be set for your personal use,
and the setting can be changed if required with the OPT MIX or OPT NOMIX

I hope this helps