3.1083 electronic texts (46)

Willard McCarty (MCCARTY@vm.epas.utoronto.ca)
Tue, 20 Feb 90 22:58:31 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 1083. Tuesday, 20 Feb 1990.

Date: 20 February 90, 13:26:16 EMT
From: Knut Hofland +47 5 212954/55/56 FAFKH at NOBERGEN
Subject: Re: Archives 3.1061, 3.1064 and 3.1074

Just a couple of additions to the points made by Stig Johansson
in 3.1074.

I have just sent an updated version of the file SURVEY CORPORA which have
been available at the HUMANIST file server. This is the same survey
that Lou Burnard refers to in 3.1064 and which is made at the university
of Lancaster.

As Stig Johansson mentions in his note, we distribute several text
corpora from Bergen both on diskette (PC or Mac), tape and microfiche
(KWIC concordances). We have indexed versions of the LOB and Brown corpus
for WordCruncher and are planning to index more material both with
WordCruncher, TACT and TEX (for Mac). We will also try to make a
CD-ROM with ICAME text material, probably at the end of this year.

We publish ICAME Journal once a year, next number will be out in
April/May 1990 (no. 14).

We also run a primitive file server (we have no LISTSERV operative
in Bergen) with information about ICAME (International Computer
Archive of Modern English). Send a mail to FAFSRV@NOBERGEN.BITNET
with Subject: DIR to get an information file from the server.

Knut Hofland

The Norwegian Computing Centre for the Humanities
Street adr: Harald Haarfagres gt. 31
Post adr: P.O. Box 53, University
N-5027 Bergen

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