3.1139 EPSIG: Electronic Publishing group (79)

Willard McCarty (MCCARTY@vm.epas.utoronto.ca)
Wed, 7 Mar 90 08:06:28 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 1139. Wednesday, 7 Mar 1990.

Date: Tue, 06 Mar 90 11:54:01 CST
From: "Robin C. Cover" <ZRCC1001@SMUVM1>
Subject: EPSIG

Here are some details on EPSIG, requested for HUMANIST; excerpted
from an SGML bibliography:

7. EPSIG (Electronic Publishing Special Interest Group)

Ms. Betsy Kiser
c/o OCLC, Mail Code 278
6565 Frantz Road
Dublin, OH 43017-0702
(614) 764-6195
FAX: (614) 764-6096

*EPSIG was initiated by the AAP, and its functions are to:
(1) Promote the adoption and proliferation of the Electronic
Manuscript Standard (not to be confused, however, with the
SGML "Standard," adopted in ISO 8879)

<cit>Standard for Electronic Manuscript Preparation and Markup.
(ANSI/NISO Z39.59-1988</cit>. Version 2. American Association
of Publishers, August, 1987. [Document developed over several
years as the "AAP Standard," it is now designated by the AAP
as "the Electronic Manuscript Standard" or simply as the "Standard."
The document has been recommended for "fast track" ISO approval
by working group 6 (TC 46/SC 4/WG 6).]

(2) Organize and present tutorials and technical programs
(3) Provide an infordation clearinghouse for documents pertaining to
the Standard, EPSIG, and electronic publishing
(4) Provide electronic mail to EPSIG members
(5) Provide a toll-free helpline to provide advice and assistance
with the Standard
(6) Publish a quarterly newsletter
(7) Publish and sell current and future EPSIG manuals related to the
(8) Coordinate standards input from members as revisions to the
Standard are required

*Betsy Kiser and EPSIG are to be praised for making basic "subscriber"
membership rates affordable to members of the academic community ($25
annually). Receipt of <cit>EPSIG News</> is a benefit of subscriber
status. EPSIG's newsletter <cit>EPSIG News</> is published quarterly
(ISSN: 1042-3737).

*EPSIG members receive discounts on SoftQuad products; see "SoftQuad
Discounts for EPSIG Members" in <cit>SGML Users' Group Newsletter</>
13 (August 1989) 9.

*See "OCLC to Operate and Administer the AAP EPSIG," <cit>SGML Users'
Group Newsletter</> 12 (June 1989) 3-4.

*EPSIG is co-sponsor (with NIST) of the Electronic Publishing '90
Conference (September 18-20, Washington DC) at the National Institute
of Standards and Technology; see "EPSIG to Co-Sponsor EP 90,"
<cit>EPSIG News</> 2/2 (June 1989) 14-15.

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