3.1148 Halio's article online (56)

Willard McCarty (MCCARTY@vm.epas.utoronto.ca)
Thu, 8 Mar 90 21:16:58 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 1148. Thursday, 8 Mar 1990.

Date: Thu, 8 Mar 90 10:30:51 EST
From: David.A.Bantz@mac.dartmouth.edu
Subject: Re: Halio article available

Electronic versions of the Halio article "Student Writing: Can the
Machine Maim the Message?" from _Academic Computing_, January 1990, are
available in directory /pub/jac on Internet host umd5.umd.edu in ASCII
and several formatted versions for various word processors. Below is
the "readme" file accompanying the posting. You can remote logon to
this host via Internet using "anonymous" as user name and no password;
download the version(s) of interest to read or print on your own
machine. Copies state that they are reprinted with permission of the
publisher; the text remains copyright 1990 by Academic Computing. For
those of you without access to Internet, perhaps our editor will post a
version on UTORONTO for access via Bitnet.

---quoting from umd5.umd.edu:/pub/jac/readme:

This information about academic computing policy is being put online by
the University of Maryland to encourage electronic publication on policy
issues. In making this material available through its computers, the
University is not endorsing it or taking any editorial position
whatever. The University hopes to encourage electronic access to this
and other articles from the Journal of Academic Computing and other
scholarly publications to promote wider discussion of academic computing

Responsible replies are welcome and will also be put online if
appropriate. Note also that several internet newsgroups are discussing
this and similar topics.

Additional articles (even non-controversial ones!) are welcome. Please
contact Glenn_Ricart@umail.umd.edu concerning posting.

The formats available are:

halio.asc ASCII - just read it
halio.ps PostScript - needs Palatino font in your printer
halio.ws3 WordStar 3
halio.rtf Rich Text Format
halio.macwrite MacWrite 1 for Macintosh; stored in MacBinary
halio.macword Microsoft Word 4 for Macintosh; stored in MacBinary
halio.doc DisplayWrite


---end of quotation