3.1219 e-mail and addresses in the UK (175)

Willard McCarty (MCCARTY@vm.epas.utoronto.ca)
Mon, 26 Mar 90 20:42:15 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 1219. Monday, 26 Mar 1990.

(1) Date: Sun, 25 Mar 90 19:18:13 EST (15 lines)
From: Natalie Maynor <MAYNOR@MSSTATE>
Subject: Re: 3.1212 e-mail (47)

(2) Date: Sun, 25 Mar 90 19:55:00 EST (10 lines)
Subject: Re: 3.1212 e-mail (47)

(3) Date: Mon, 26 Mar 90 08:21:49 EST (12 lines)
From: Toby Paff <TOBYPAFF@PUCC>
Subject: UK addresses

(4) Date: Mon, 26 Mar 90 16:44 GMT (109 lines)
From: Oxford Text Archive <ARCHIVE@VAX.OXFORD.AC.UK>
Subject: How to get to JANET - version 7

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Date: Sun, 25 Mar 90 19:18:13 EST
From: Natalie Maynor <MAYNOR@MSSTATE>
Subject: Re: 3.1212 e-mail (47)

I understand Kevin's frustration with his UK address, but I'm
confused by what he said about EARN. I didn't think that the UK was
part of EARN. I thought it was on JANET. I'm pretty sure that
BITNET, EARN, NETNORTH, along with some other networks, run the same
protocol and therefore appear to us ordinary users as though they
were all part of one big network: the addresses look the same,
interactive (real-time) communication can occur, no gateways (or at
least not visible to our eyes), the routing can be watched all the
way to the destination. In any case, I do know that Spain is very
easy to reach on BITNET. I can send BITNET mail to Spain in exactly
the same way I send it across campus. Natalie Maynor
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Date: Sun, 25 Mar 90 19:55:00 EST
Subject: Re: 3.1212 e-mail (47)

Where? you ask? In my custom, the interesting letter is saved with a clue to it
s contentsin its name, a portmanteau-word, and saved to a diskette that says e-
mail#1, email#2, for each 800K diskette. More compact than a portfolio of paper
letters, easier to search through, without getting lost reading old letters an
d falling into a brown study over the existence of time past as a well of infin
ite, drowning depths...Kessler
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Date: Mon, 26 Mar 90 08:21:49 EST
From: Toby Paff <TOBYPAFF@PUCC>
Subject: UK addresses

For what it is worth, in re UK e-mail addresses, it is often the case that
an e-mail address cited as, say: doe at uk.ac.ox.vax, can be successfully
used on BITNET by reversing the order of elements: doe at vax.ox.ac.uk.

This from experience.

Toby Paff
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Date: Mon, 26 Mar 90 16:44 GMT
From: Oxford Text Archive <ARCHIVE@VAX.OXFORD.AC.UK>
Subject: How to get to JANET - version 7

Issue 7 of "Hints for Getting Mail Through Various Gateways to and from JANET"
is now available (issued 23 March 1990).

You should find the methods described below a convenient way of grabbing
the copy you need. As it says below, if you can't manage to get a copy by
either of the methods suggested, let me know and I'm quite happy to e-mail
you a copy.


The document exists in a number of different formats:

file contents

mail-gateways.7.txt A readable text file which can be
displayed on dumb printers and VDUs

mail-gateways.7.ms The format the document is main-
tained in, suitable for use on sys-
tems with tbl and ditroff (or
troff) with the ms macros.

mail-gateways.7.latex LaTeX input. Suitable for use on
systems with LaTeX and TeX. Not < NOTE
available until 19th April 1990. <******

mail-gateways.7.ps PostScript. Suitable for sending
direct to a PostScript printer.

2.1 Fetching Files Direct from Warwick University

To do this you need access to NIFTP and JANET. Do an NIFTP
setting the FILENAME to the appropriate file chosen from the
list above. Specify it in upper-case or lower-case, but
don't used mixed-case. Set the USERNAME to anon (or ANON),
and do not specify a USERNAME PASSWORD. The site is
UK.AC.WARWICK.CU. If this name is not known to your NIFTP
(it was registered in NIFTP context on 22 March 1990),
UK.AC.WARWICK.SOL can be used until its expected departure
in June 1990.

2.2 Getting the Files via Electronic Mail

Nottingham University Computer Science Department have
kindly agreed to hold the document and make it available
with their `info-server'. Send electronic mail to
info-server@uk.ac.nott.cs with the body of the message:

Request: sources
Topic: filename chosen from list above
Request: end

The topic line can be repeated for each file you wish to

Request: sources
Topic: mail-gateways.7.txt
Topic: mail-gateways.7.ps
Request: end

It will also supply a list of the files available in this
category if sent the mail:

Request: catalogue
Topic: mail-gateways
Request: end

For additional information, like how to get the files in
several chunks (if your mailer doesn't like receiving huge
files), just send an empty message to it (or, if your mailer
refuses to send an empty message, send something the info-
server won't recognize, e.g. `boo!').

If all else fails, mail me (see my `signature' at the end),
telling me what you want, what's gone wrong, and I'll mail
you a copy.

2.3 Obtaining a Paper Copy

If you really do want a paper copy from me, then write to me
at the address shown at the end of this document, enclosing
a cheque for 3.00 (sterling) made payable to `The University
of Warwick'. If outside the UK, but within the EC, then it's
4.00 (sterling) or the equivalent of 6.00 (sterling) if the
cheque is not made out in sterling. Outside the EC the
corresponding amounts are 13.00 (sterling) and 15.00 (ster-
ling). These prices are just the cost of copying, postage,
and dealing with non-sterling cheques.

2.4 Finding Out when new issues occur

If you want to be notified when a new issue is ready, please


Tim Clark

T.Clark@warwick.ac.uk or (if necessary):- \Post: Computing Services
JANET: T.Clark@uk.ac.warwick \ University of Warwick
Internet: T.Clark%warwick.ac.uk@cunyvm.cuny.edu\ Coventry, UK
EARN/BITNET: T.Clark%warwick.ac.uk@UKACRL /\ CV4 7AL
UUCP: T.Clark%warwick.ac.uk@ukc.uucp / \ Phone: +44 203 523224