3.1228 JANET and EARN, etc. (26)

Willard McCarty (MCCARTY@vm.epas.utoronto.ca)
Tue, 27 Mar 90 20:39:15 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 1228. Tuesday, 27 Mar 1990.

Date: Tue, 27 Mar 90 8:56 GMT
Subject: JANET, EARN, Oxford, The UK, Electronic Gateways

Once again Natlie Maynor makes some useful points about the passing from
one e-mail network to another. The node here at Oxford is indeed part of
JANET, but it is ALSO part of EARN! What do I mean? Messages coming to
Oxford from other networks first pass through a place (or concept?)
called EARN-RELAY. Then they are piped into the JANET network via the
supercomputer at Rutherford. Consequently, incoming messages must
conform to two sets of protocols as well as be acceptable to the Oxford
VAX computer. Natalie's node at MSSTATE seems to have one of the most
intelligent mailers in the world (or perhaps it's Natalie who is
intelligent), as it was the only system able to reach me before I found
my way through the above described electronic labyrinth. So, once again,
we find this is a complex issue! But let's applaud MSSTATE (Mississippi
State University) for its excellence in trans-network programming.