3.1257 a humanistic MacAdemia'90 previewed (162)

Willard McCarty (MCCARTY@vm.epas.utoronto.ca)
Tue, 3 Apr 90 22:07:13 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 1257. Tuesday, 3 Apr 1990.

Date: Mon, 2 Apr 90 22:32 EST(2) (96 lines)
From: Bob Taylor <BOBT@UORDBV>
Subject: MacAdemia'90: A Preview

Dear Humanists,

About eight weeks ago I posted a call on Humanist for proposals for the
MacAdemia'90 conference, in Rochester, NY. Thanks to the terrific
response from this electronic community, the strongest track in this
year's conference program is the Humanities---and Apple Computer is
practically dumbstruck with the number of humanities proposals in our
database. (We had to turn down many worthy proposals.)

I'm including a list of confirmed presenters (as of 4/2/90) for
MacAdemia'90 in the fields of Humanities or Multimedia. If you'd like
a copy of the preliminary program for the conference and registration
materials, send a request to

macinfo@cc.rochester.edu (Internet)
macinfo@uordbv (BITNET)

and the folks in the conference office will snail mail everything to
you. In the unlikely event that your e-mail gets bounced by our Mailer
Daemons, send me a message and I'll pass your request on to the office.

MacAdemia is an annual conference focusing upon the effective uses of
Macintosh technologies in support of university education. It has always
been held in the Northeast and this year it's being held in Rochester from
May 29 through June 1, co-hosted by the University of Rochester,
Rochester Institute of Technology, and Apple Computer. The conference theme
this year is "Visions for Education".

The local betting line is 3-to-2 that attendance this year will top 1,000.
The registration fee for the conference is $50; the registration packet
includes information about hotel and air travel discounts.

The first two days of this year's conference will consist of 12 tracks of
presentations (each presentation will last about an hour), hands-on
training sessions, plenary sessions (one will focus upon the new features
in Mac O/S 7.0), a vendor fair, and the traditional Apple gala evening event.
The last day (Friday) will focus upon the use of the Macintosh in
graphics arts and fine arts, a panel discussion on the Macintosh and writing
programs (thanks, Marcia Halio), a software demonstration showcase, and
meetings of special interest groups. More information about the keynote
sessions, plenary sessions, the writing panel, and the software showcase
will be available by the end of April.

Best Wishes,

Bob Taylor
Faculty Computing Resource Center
University of Rochester

Internet: bobt@cc.rochester.edu
Bitnet: bobt@uordbv

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Confirmed Presenters (as of 4/2/90) in Humanities or Multimedia tracks:

Mark Coleman
Associate Professor of English
SUNY College at Potsdam
"The Macintosh In The Writing Process: Teaching Writing On The Mac"

Donald Wagner
Instructor, Technical Communications
Syracuse University
"Writing in Heteromedia Environments"

Robert Blake
Mercer Brugler Distinguished Teaching Professor
University of Rochester
"Memories of Madrid: A Hypermedia Curriculum for Foreign

Patrick Conner
Professor of English
West Virginia University
"The Beowulf Workstation Stack: An Approach To Literature On The

Janet Murray
Senior Research Scientist
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Interactive Video for Language Learning"

Davida Charney
Assistant Professor of English
Penn State University
"Beyond Freshman Composition: Using Computers In Advanced Writing

Harrison Eiteljorg, II
Center for the Study of Architecture
"CADD for Archaeology and Architectural History"

Tracy Futhey
Director of Computing, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Carnegie Mellon University
"Computing in the Humanities and Social Sciences at Carnegie Mellon"

Sebastian Heath
Research Assistant
Harvard University
"The Perseus Project"

Mark Veljkov
IVD Design Specialist
Western Washington University
"Teaching Indicators of Child Sexual Abuse Using Interactive

Douglas Chute
Professor of Neuropsychology
Drexel University
"The Art of Lecturing with a Computer"

John McDaid
Assistant Professor
New York Institute of Technology
"Hypermedia, Writing, and Teaching"

Peter Jurgensen
Microcomputer Specialist
Colgate University
"HyperMedia for Critical Editions"

Robert Dwyer
Associate Director, Center for Communications Media
University of Massachusetts at Boston
"Vietnam Archives: A MultiMedia Database"

Melbourne DeYoung
Assistant Director, Composition Programs
Penn State University
"HyperMedia for College Freshmen: Placing Martin Luther King,
Jr.'s 'Letter from Birmingham Jail' in its Political and
Rhetorical Context"

Mark Brown
Assistant Professor
Syracuse University
"Using Smartslides In Lectures And Presentations"

Annette Lamb
Assistant Professor, Educational Technology
University of Toledo
"Hyper about HyperCard? Practical Ideas to Get Instructors Started"