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A short description of Matrix, Inc. has been drafted. The
table of contents and summary appear below, and the rest of
the document will follow in a series of messages to this list.
If any of you would like to receive a printed copy of this
description, drop me a note at kroll@aahsa.tic.com or Carol Kroll,
Texas Internet Consulting, 700 Brazos, Suite 500, Austin, TX 78701.

Comments on the description are welcome, please post them to this
list. John Quarterman is out of the country, but will be back at
the end of the month. Also, the other principals in Matrix, Inc.
read this list and may respond.


Matrix, Inc.

Waldo M. Wedel
John S. Quarterman
Tracy L. LaQuey
Smoot Carl-Mitchell
Kurt D. Baumann

(C) 1990 Matrix, Inc.
This is not an offer to solicit funds.
(C) 1990 Matrix, Inc. (V2.1) 90/04/04

Matrix, Inc.
Table of Contents

Summary ............................................ Page 2

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Computer networks are becoming a critical factor for success
in commerce. They are already a critical factor for success
in many research and development activities in industry as
well as in academia. The network market is large (millions
of potential customers) and growing quickly (more than
thirty percent a year). Several of the largest networks have
doubled in size in each of the last three years, many others
have grown greatly. The number and kinds of users of these
networks continues to explode; one estimate shows a 500%
increase in the last 18 months.

Computer networks are highways for information. Just as
users of the nation's automobile highways need maps and
guide posts, these information highways need similar
information. Computer networks provide communication
services similar to those of the telephone network, but
there are as yet no coordinated telephone books or 411
information inquiry numbers. Currently, there are no
reliable, consistently up-to-date guides to assist users who
must interchange information across these communications

Matrix, Inc. intends to provide roadmaps, guide posts
and other products to assist users of these highways. Our
team is in the best position to bring these products to the
marketplace. All key members of the team have been active in
the computer networking environment for many years. Six
years of research by the Principals has resulted in the
publication of the authoritative books on these information
highways. Now we propose to bring the power of computer
technology to the delivery of this information.

The initial product consists of an optical disk
containing a large amount of this information indexed so
that it can be easily accessed by a leading industry
relational database system which supports a graphical user
interface. Updates of the information will be distributed
both through updated optical disks and through electronic
access to the update information.

The market is large and growing quickly. It is in one
of the few fields that has been relatively immune to the
financial troubles of recent years, and it is not tied to
any single geographical region. Matrix, Inc. is well
positioned to penetrate this market worldwide.

(C) 1990 Matrix, Inc. (V2.1) 90/04/04


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