3.1361 News from Oxford Text Archive (106)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Fri, 4 May 90 17:04:38 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 1361. Friday, 4 May 1990.

Date: Thu, 3 May 90 15:17 GMT
From: Oxford Text Archive <ARCHIVE@VAX.OXFORD.AC.UK>
Subject: News from the Oxford Text Archive



Since the last printed snapshot in October 1989 over fifty new titles
have been added, while a number of texts have been redeposited in a
more accurate and manageable form. Among the corpora in the new list

U-1380-D | Samples from the Ulm Textbank (transcripts of
"psycho-diagnostic" interviews, in German)

U-1378-D | The Claremont corpus of Elizabethan Verse (as used by Ward
Elliott to prove that Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare)

A-1325-C | Prologues & epilogues of the Restoration (on-going collection
of dramatic appendages edited by David Bond of Exeter University)

U-1372-A | The PIXI corpus (service encounters in English and Italian

Some other specific items include:-

A collection of 25 Jacobean texts from Ian Lancashire's Centre for
Humanities Computing at Toronto, including Erasmus' Praise of Folly
(U-1329-A), Sir Thomas More's Confutation of Tynsdale (U-1353-A), dozens
of early Tudor plays and interludes and Palsgrave's Dictionary (U-1354-B)

A collection of mediaeval alliterative verse compiled by Hoyt Duggan,
notably the Gestes of Alisaundre (A-1376-B)

Corrected versions of the Piers Plowman B-text as edited by Schmidt
(U-1367-A) and Skeat (U-1375-A)

The first volume in a new edition of the novels of Antony Trollope being
prepared for the Folio Society : Ayala's Angel (A-1377-C)

Seven previously uncollected short stories by Thomas Hardy (A-1326-A)

But the new acquisition of which we are proudest must be our first
Japanese text: the Genji Monogatari. These tales of aristocratic
decadence in 11th century Kyoto attributed to Murusaki Shikibu are
available thanks to the efforts of Mari Nagase in both English (in
Seidensticker's translation (U-1384-D) and Japanese (U-1385-D). Both
texts are tagged with OCP style codes; the Japanese text uses the JIS
two-byte representation of katakana.


For the first time, we are now including in the electronic Snapshot
information about the sources of our texts. These notes comes from a
variety of sources, and are incompletely checked. We have also, for the
first time, included names and institutions of depositors of texts, but
only those depositors who have confirmed the information held in our
records by responding to the questionnaire we sent to all depositors in
February of this year.

A notice about the formats in which the snapshot is now available now


TAGGED Uses SGML conformant tags and includes a doctype declaration.
Can be processed by any SGML parser capable of dealing with end tag
ommission. Contains more information than printed catalogue. Updated
every six months.
Size: about 110 Kb
Availability: from Humanist and other listservs. by email on request.
Filenames: (at Oxford) OX$DOC:TEXTARCHIVE.SGML

FORMATTED Contains same information as TAGGED file, but formatted for
display on a standard ASCII terminal, using carriage returns and tabs.
Entity references (for accented letters etc.) are not expanded.
Size: about 110 Kb
Availability: as for tagged file
Filenames: (at Oxford) OX$DOC:TEXTARCHIVE.LIST

PRINTED Nicely formatted and printed on tastefully coloured paper, but
usually less up to date and containing author, title and language
information only.
Size: A5 booklet of about 30 pages
Availability: by airmail on request. The first copy is free. More than
one copy we charge one pound sterling per copy, payable in advance.

CAVEAT: If you make copies of the shortlist to distribute to others,
please be sure to copy the whole thing. If you write some nice
formatting suite to convert it to your favourite word-processor or
whatever, please send us a copy!

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