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Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 4, No. 0036. Friday, 11 May 1990.

(1) Date: Friday, 11 May 1990 00:04 (18 lines)
From: Tzvee Zahavy <MAIC@UMINN1>
Subject: Midwest Jewish Studies Association

(2) Date: Friday, 11 May 1990 1644-EST (41 lines)
Subject: Philadelphia Consortium Announcement

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From: Tzvee Zahavy
Subject: Midwest Jewish Studies Association

The Second Annual meeting of the MJSA will take place September 16-17 at
the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. Please send suggestions for
papers, sessions and presenters to S. Daniel Breslauer, Department of
Religion, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS 66045. The meeting will
stress pedagogy with emphasis on methodologies and ideologies of
research and teaching in Jewish studies especially the problems of
teaching Judaica and/or Hebraica in the Midwest context. Other
suggestions are also welcome. The $25 registration fee will include
dinner. Preregister with a check to the University of Minnesota sent to
Ms. Lori Graven, Dept. of Professional Development, 217 Nolte Center,
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 55455. You may also contact me
for further information regarding registration or paper/session
proposals through Bitnet at MAIC @ UMINN1 or by mail at CNES, 176
Klaeber Ct., University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 55455.
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Date: Friday, 11 May 1990 1644-EST
Subject: Philadelphia Consortium Announcement


The Philadelphia Consortium on the Study of Religion, organized in
April, 1989, provides an umbrella organization for encouraging and
facilitating cooperation in the academic study of religion among
institutions and departments of religion-- undergraduate, graduate,
seminary, and post-graduate--and their faculty and students. At the
present the Consortium consists of forty-seven institutions within a
hundred mile radius of Philadelphia.

Dr. Robert B. Wright, Chair of the Religion Department, Temple
University, Philadelphia, PA, is the Chair of the Consortium.

Four projects sponsored by the Consortium to date are: a monthly
calendar of special events in Consortium schools; a sharing of graduate
level courses for cross-registration purposes (both of these facilitated
by Temple University); A "Guide to the Libraries of Member
Institutions," produced by Dr. Robert Emmet McLaughlin, Chair of the
Department of Religious Studies, Villanova University.

The fourth project, produced by Dr. Glenn A. Koch, Eastern Baptist
Theological Seminary, is a Directory of 226 faculty, listing personal and
professional facts, including fields of specialization and areas of
research. In addition, the Directory lists the Consortium's statement
of purpose, officers and committees, and member institutions. Printed
directories, as well as electronic forms of it, are available. Contact
Dr. Koch at Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary, City & Lancaster Aves.,
Philadelphia, PA 19151, for orders (Ph. 215-896-5000). The printed
Directory is $13.00.

For further Consortium information contact Dr. Wright: 617 Anderson
Hall, Philadelphia, PA, 19122 (Ph. 215-787-7923).