4.0174 Computing Vice Provost Sought (1/65)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Wed, 13 Jun 90 17:56:01 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 4, No. 0174. Wednesday, 13 Jun 1990.

Date: Tuesday, 12 June 1990 2310-EST
Subject: Top Level Professional Opportunity

The following is the official notice for a (resumed) search for a
top-level academic/administrative position at Penn. Obviously it is a
key position, replete with ambiguities and challenges, in an ambiguous
and challenging University environment. I will be happy to provide
further, less official information and insights if desired. The "right"
humanistically oriented person in this position would be a godsend!

Bob Kraft (Prof of Religious Studies, U Penn)

University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania invites applications and nominations for
the position of Vice Provost for Information Systems and Computing. The
Vice Provost will provide vision and leadership for all computing
activities at the University. Specific duties include: strategic
planning in connection with both academic and administrative computing;
responsibility for development and management of adminsitrative
information systems, including all mainframe administrative applications
(both financial/resource- management and academic/recordkeeping) and
decentralized information collection and dissemination strategies;
responsibility for the maintenance, logical development and expansion of
a campus-wide network for both academic and administrative data
communications; negotiations and contracting with external vendors and
suppliers; development of policies and procedures for coordination,
resource sharing, and long range planning in connection with all academic
computing activities in the individual Schools and developing, in
conjunction with the libraries, plans for the scholarly information
environment of the University.

We seek a proven leader in the field. Qualifications include an
advanced degree and substantial experience in a leadership position in
an information systems environment at or similar to that of a large
research university. Creative vision, technical competence, and
sensitivity to the multi-faceted and decentralized nature of computing
in a university environment are essential. A faculty appointment would
be avaialble for a suitably qualified candidate.

Nominations and applications should be directed to:

Search Committee
Vice Provost for Information Systems and Computing
106 College Hall
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia PA 19104-6381

The University of Pennsylvania is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative
Action Employer.

//end of formal announcement//

Nominations and applications can also be made through
Michael Luskin
200 Lake Drive East, Suite 101
Cherry Hill NJ 08002
[That might actually be a more efficient route. RAK]