4.0363 Responses: 'Topics' in Rhetoric (3/71)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Mon, 6 Aug 90 22:14:07 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 4, No. 0363. Monday, 6 Aug 1990.

(1) Date: 03 Aug 90 22:11:47 EST (16 lines)
From: James O'Donnell <JODONNEL@PENNSAS>
Subject: Topics

(2) Date: Sat, 4 Aug 90 07:43 EDT (26 lines)
From: "Leslie Z. Morgan" <MORGAN@LOYVAX>
Subject: RE: 4.0355 Queries

(3) Date: Sat, 4 Aug 90 12:08 EDT (29 lines)
From: "Tom Benson" <T3B@PSUVM>
Subject: Re: 4.0355 Queries

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Date: 03 Aug 90 22:11:47 EST
From: James O'Donnell <JODONNEL@PENNSAS>
Subject: Topics

From: Jim O'Donnell (Penn, Classics)

`Topics' in the history of rhetoric a fascinating and deep subject.
Would be very glad to have the ref. for whatever R. Barthes had to say.
Would recommend G. Kennedy's volumes on the history of rhetoric in
antiquity for general background, Cicero's *Topica*, and perhaps best
Eleonore Stump's translations of Boethius' very influential works on the
subject. On the practical applications, I again commend J. Spence, *The
Memory Palace of Matteo Ricci*, for applied Yates-ian memory technique.
J.J. Murphy on rhetoric in the middle ages *might* be pretty useful too,
depending on where you're going with the subject, but I haven't looked
at that in too long a time.
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Date: Sat, 4 Aug 90 07:43 EDT
From: "Leslie Z. Morgan" <MORGAN@LOYVAX>
Subject: RE: 4.0355 Queries (5/115)

In response to Monica Paolini's request about Renaissance and rhetoric,
I would suggest that she contact Paolo Valesio at Yale. His
*Novantiqua* among other publications treats rhetoric; he has also
worked on Shakespeare.

When I was a graduate student (I finished in '82) he was teaching
courses on interpretation of Renaissance texts (incl. history, not just
literature) by rhetorical methods, among other topics. He is at the
Dept. of Italian Language and Literature at Yale Univ., New Haven Ct.;
she could also try looking up his name in the various bibliographies for
more recent publications.

Hope this helps; sorry not to write directly to Monica, but I was unable
to send to that address.

Leslie Morgan
Dept. of Foreign Langs.
Loyola College
4501 N. Charles St./Baltimore, MD 21210-2699

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Date: Sat, 4 Aug 90 12:08 EDT
From: "Tom Benson" <T3B@PSUVM>
Subject: Re: 4.0355 Queries (5/115)

In HUMANIST 4.0355, Monica Paolini asks for work on rhetorical


There has been some work on topical systems of invention amongst
rhetoricians in the (mostly American) field of speech/communication.
An interesting application of topical invention for beginning
students appears in John Wilson and Carroll Arnold, PUBLIC SPEAKING
AS A LIBERAL ART (Boston, Mass., USA: Allyn & Bacon [there are
several editions, the latest in 1989, I think]).

You might want to check the journal PHILOSOPHY AND RHETORIC;
there have been several articles on topics and rhetoric; also
Some of the relevant journals are indexed in Ronald Matlon,

You might also want to try e-mail queries to CRTNET@PSUVM
(an e-mail "journal" in communication studies); and RHETORIC
--an e-mail "hotline" run by COMSERV@RPIECS.

Penn State University