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Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 4, No. 0389. Thursday, 16 Aug 1990.

Date: Wed, 15 Aug 90 12:03:56 MDT
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Subject: Polyglot Digest V1 #1
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__________________________ P O L Y G L O T _________________________

POLYGLOT -- A Mailing List Devoted to Multilingual Computing
The Center for Information and Language Studies

Contributions to: polyglot@tira.uchicago.edu
Administrative requests to: polyglot-request@tira.uchicago.edu
Polyglot Digest Friday, 10 Aug 1990
Volume 1 : Issue 1

Today's Topics:

Welcome to Polyglot!
The Definition of Character (2)
Multilingual Development Project


Date: Wed, 08 Aug 90 11:51:00 -0500
From: scott (Scott Deerwester)
Subject: Welcome to Polyglot!

This is the premier issue of the Polyglot digest. The purpose of the
digest is to provide a forum where the multilingual computing
community can discuss issues related to the use of computers in
dealing with other, and especially multiple languages. Although there
are newgroups that are related to multilingual computing, one of the
major reasons for making this a mailing list is that the multilingual
computing community is sufficiently far flung that there are important
segments of it that don't have access to news. There is also ample
precedent for feeding a mailing list into a news group or vice versa
if both exist.

As many have pointed out, there is a lot of information related to
multilingual computing spread over a large number of mailing lists,
newsgroups and bulletin boards. One of the roles of this digest is to
make information on these available. We also solicit descriptions of
projects related to multilingual computing, descriptions of
multilingual text archives, sources of information.

Polyglot is moderated. It will be issued not more often than weekly,
depending on the volume of submissions. Submissions are solicited on
any topic related to multilingual computing. The mailing list will,
at least initially, be in ASCII until there appears to be a good
reason to do something different.

Readers may be interested to know that the list has charter
subscribers from the Canada, Austria, Australia, France, Israel, the
United Kingdom, Japan and Sweden. We have people who do word
processing in all sorts of languages and scripts, moderators of
mailing lists devoted to particular languages, people who have
developed Japanese and Chinese word processing packages. There are a
very few people who are "subscribed" because I thought they might be
interested, but who do not have access to news. If any such people do
not wish to receive Polyglot, please let me know at the above address.

Scott Deerwester
Center for Information and Language Studies
University of Chicago

[...] eds.


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