4.0424 Multimedia CD-ROMs in Libraryies (1/48)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Mon, 27 Aug 90 16:54:05 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 4, No. 0424. Monday, 27 Aug 1990.

Date: Sat, 25 Aug 90 16:28:54 EST
From: Feili Brenda Tu <GRFG086@TWNMOE10>
Subject: Seeking references

I am Feili Brenda Tu, a technical services librarian, officially titled
Associate Research, in the Information and Computing Library, Taipei,
Taiwan, THE REPUBLIC OF CHINA. I am doing a joint research with a
refernce librarian on the issues of *MULTIMEDIA CD-ROM REFERENCE
multimedia cd-roms on general reference or ready reference materials,
such as dictionary, directory, encyclopedia and so forth.

The research plan is focusing on the impacts to the essce of reference
services and to the reference librarian'role in public services,
moreover, predict the influence to traditional reference services. The
project will organize all the information and issues, then generate a
paper to discuss some possible transformation to the reference services
in the future. Our project include two parts:

I. The introductions of multimedia cd-roms reference materials
In this part of discussion, we are going to introduce some basic referenc
e works on cd-rom version including:
a. Compton's MultiMedia Encyclopedia
b. Grolier Electronic Encyclopedia
c. Guinness Book of Records on CD-ROM
d. Whole Earth Catalog on CD-ROM
F. Webster's 9th New Collegiate Dictionary on CD-ROM
G. Birds of America

II. The impacts to library reference services
a. the change on public services
1. possible facility change
2. possible staff change
3. possible serving methods
b. librarian's roles and challenge
1. posible change on roles
2. possible change on workload
3. possible attitude for public services

c. library users' feedback and reponse

We look forward to get any kinds of ideas probably from outside of the
library community, from the libary users, or from the HUMANISTS' ideas
on these issue. Meanwhile, we need more references on the CD-ROM
products I listed above. We do appreciate your suggestions. Thanks in
advance! you can directly e-mail to me or share ideals with the HUMANIST.

Feili Brenda Tu BITNET: GRFG086@TWNMOE10
Information and Computing Library VOICE: 886-2-737-7739
13F., No. 106, Hoping East Road, Sec. 2 FAX: 886-2-737-7740
Taipei, 10636, Taiwan