4.0492 Announcement: OE Corpus Available in TEI Format (1/34

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Mon, 17 Sep 90 21:35:28 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 4, No. 0492. Monday, 17 Sep 1990.

Date: Thu, 13 Sep 90 18:08 GMT
From: Oxford Text Archive <ARCHIVE@VAX.OXFORD.AC.UK>
Subject: Old English Corpus now in TEI format


As promised, we are now distributing a revised version of the Toronto
D.O.E. Corpus which uses TEI-conformant markup throughout. The text is
derived from the most recently corrected version distributed from
Toronto, supplemented with bibliographic and other information. The
encoding scheme used is based on SGML and follows the TEI
recommendations in all respects, except for the handling of dubious
reading, which has not been changed from the original (this was,
retrospectively, a mistake).

If you'd like to know more about the encoding scheme or see an example,
let me know and I will gladly expatiate.

We are distributing the text in our usual way: you send us a signed
order form and specify the media on which you want the text together
with payment.

Please note: because of its size, we are not (as yet) distributing the
Corpus on diskette. It is available on magnetic tape or cartridge ONLY.
The all inclusive cost is 20 pounds (within Europe) or 30 pounds
(restofworld). Cheques payable to OXFORD UNIVERSITY COMPUTING SERVICE
Lou Burnard/Alan Morrison ARCHIVE@VAX.OXFORD.AC.UK
Oxford Text Archive
13 Banbury Road
Oxford OX2 6NN tel +44 (865) 273238 fax 273275