4.0536 Conference: Electronic Text Research (1/167)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Thu, 27 Sep 90 18:07:56 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 4, No. 0536. Thursday, 27 Sep 1990.

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[ I have not seen any notice of this conference on Humanist so colleagues
at the University of Waterloo have given permission for the announcement
adapted from the conference brochure, to be posted.

Note that the pre-registration deadline of October 5 is next week and the
September 28 accomodation deadline is almost upon us. I suggest
contacting the organizers by e-mail at: newoed@waterloo.edu for details.
or telephone directly: (519) 885-1211. ext. 6183]




With the continual growth of text processing systems, efficient and
reliable access to written material stored electronically is
increasingly important. Texts of all varieties -- including reference
books, collections of literary works, news services, authoritative
critical editions, journals, and unreviewed research reports -- are
being created and maintained in computer-readable form. The demand for
access to such data has been met through on-line services and through
distribution via magnetic tapes, floppy disks, optical disks, and
computer-to-computer communication networks.

As shared text usage has increased, demand for access has matured and
users expect simpler, more effective interfaces. Research is necessary
to discover how to provide better access to existing materials and what
requirements on data and software are imposed by the diverse
applications that rely on text. This conference will focus on recent
activities aimed at extracting information from variety of machine
readable texts, whether for immediate use or for input to knowledge

The Centre for the New Oxford English Dictionary and Text Research was
established at the University of Waterloo to encourage research
involving large text databases and to promote interdisciplinary
participation. The 6th Annual Conference will again bring together
experts from the fields of lexicography, computer science, linguistics,
literature, and publishing to examine the state of the art. Whether
they be theoreticians or practitioners, attendees will exchange ideas
about the limits of current techniques and the most pressing needs for
ongoing research and development.

We welcome you to participate in furthering "Electronic Text Research."

The Conference lunch is sponsored by IBM Canada Limited Laboratory. The
Centre also acknowledges the ongoing support of the University of
Waterloo and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of



Sunday, October 28

7:00 pm - Registration and reception (Valhalla Inn, The Viking Room)

Monday, October 29

8:30 am - Registration

9:00 am - Session I

Rapid Incremental Parsing with Repair
Steven P. Abney, Bell Communications Research

Searching on Tagged Corpora: Linguistically Motivated Concordance Analysis
S. Warwick, J. Hajic, G. Russell, ISSCO, Geneva

Session II

Linking Bilingual Corpora and Machine
Readable Dictionaries with the BICORD System
Judith L. Klavans, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center,
Evelyne Tzoukermann, A.T.& T. Bell Laboratories

Fully Automatic Cross-Language Document Retrieval Using Latent Semantic Indexing
Thomas K. Landauer, Michael L. Littman, Bell Communications Research


Session III

The Use of Inter-Concept Relationships for the Enhancement of Semantic
Networks and Hierarchically Structured Vocabularies
Pat Molholt, Geof Goldbogen, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Mapping Dictionaries: A Spreading Activation Approach
Nancy M. Ide, Vassar College and Jean Veronis, CNRS, Marseille

Session IV: Panel Discussion

Moderator: Frank Wm. Tompa, University of Waterloo

William Y. Arms, Carnegie-Mellon University
Robert J. Glushko, Search Technologies, Inc.
F.P. Lock, Queen's University

7:00 pm - Cash Bar and Dinner (Valhalla Inn, The Grand Ballroom)

Responsive Documents: The Promise of Hypertext
Norman K. Meyrowitz, Brown University

Tuesday, October 30

9:00 am - Session V

Models for Lexical Knowledge Bases
Branimir Boguraev, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Beth Levin, Northwestern University

Natural Language Generation and Machine-Readable Dictionaries
David Forster, Robert Krovetz, University of Massachusetts

Session VI

Generating a Lexical Database for Adverbs
Sumali Pin-Ngern, Martha Evens, Thomas Ahlswede,
Illinois Institute of Technology

>From Dictionary to Knowledge Base via Taxonomy
Judith L. Klavans, N. Wacholder, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Lunch - Sponsored by IBM Canada Limited Laboratory

Session VII: Software Demonstrations


Robert Allen (Bell Communications Research)
David Barnard (Queen's University)
Roy Flannagan (Ohio University)
Graeme Hirst (University of Toronto)
Martha Evens (Illinois Institute of Technology)
John Simpson (Oxford University Press)

Chairman: Frank Tompa (University of Waterloo)

For further information contact:

Electronic Text Research
Centre for the New OED
Davis Centre
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario
Canada N2L 3G1


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