4.0543 IASSIST 1991: Data in the Global Village (1/94)

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Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 4, No. 0543. Monday, 1 Oct 1990.

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Subject: IASSIST

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IASSIST 1991 Conference Announcement IASSIST 1991
Call for Papers

We are pleased to announce the 17th IASSIST conference, which will
be held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada during May 14-17, 1991. The
AN EXPANDING RESOURCE." This title expresses IASSIST's concern for
managing and sharing computer-readable data gathered on a wide
range of issues facing our global community. This theme also
touches upon the need to care for and preserve an
ever-expanding volume of computer-readable data.

The Conference Committee is soliciting proposals for papers,
presentations, poster sessions, and panel discussions in areas
- the management of data library collections,
- the process and development of data collections,
- major comparative data sources,
- and data library hardware and software issues.

Specific topics within these general areas for the 1991 conference
- the International Global Change Programs,
- circumpolar data collections,
- national census plans in the '90s,
- collecting data under adverse conditions,
- new mass storage devices,
- disaster management of computer files,
- the Text Encoding Initiative and SGML
- copyright and computer files,
- organizing and managing computer music,
- and integrating data services with traditional
library services.

Proposals for presentations of any kind should be received
by the Program Committee Chair on or before November 15, 1990.
Proposals should be accompanied by a brief abstract
(ca. 100 words). Notification of acceptance of the presentation
will be given by December 15, 1990.

For further information, we invite you to contact the Program
Committee chair:

Laine Ruus
Data Library Service
University of Toronto Library
130 St. George Street
Toronto, ON M5S 1A5

telephone: (416) 978-5589
FAX: (416) 978-7653 or
e-mail: laine@vm.utcs.utoronto.ca

Pre-conference workshops will be conducted and provide an ideal
opportunity to upgrade professional skills in the areas of managing
a data library, supporting economic and census data, and working
with new computing environments. Details of the workshops will
be announced in the preliminary conference schedule.

The International Association for Social Science Information
Service and Technology (IASSIST) brings together individuals
from around the world engaged in the acquisition, processing,
maintenance, and distribution of computer-readable text and
numeric social science data. Founded in 1974, the membership
includes data archivists, librarians, information specialists,
social scientists, researchers, planners, and government agency

The city of Edmonton lies in rolling parkland, a transitional region
between the open prairies and the Rocky Mountains. The resorts of
Banff, Jasper and Lake Louise are within an easy day trip, and in
mid-May are still open for skiing. Edmonton is the capital city of
Alberta and home of the University of Alberta. Among the many
attractions of the city, Edmonton is home of the Stanley Cup champion
Oilers and of the West Edmonton Mall, the largest indoor shopping and
entertainment complex in the world. Come and join us in May 1991
for an exciting IASSIST conference!

Members of the Program Committee:

Anna Bombak Chuck Humphrey
Ernie Boyko Doug Link
Peter Burnhill Walter Piovesan
JoAnn Dionne Karsten Rasmussen
Gaetan Drolet Judith Rowe
Carolyn Geda Laine Ruus
Dianne Geraci Libbie Stephenson
Laura Guy Wendy Watkins
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