4.0584 Oxford Text Archive Update Summary (1/100)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Fri, 12 Oct 90 15:29:57 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 4, No. 0584. Friday, 12 Oct 1990.

Date: Thu, 11 Oct 90 19:06 GMT
From: Oxford Text Archive <ARCHIVE@VAX.OXFORD.AC.UK>
Subject: OTA Accessions since April 1990

A new short list of texts available from the Oxford Text Archive is now
available on request. I have sent a copy to the Editors to be placed on
the ListServer for general access, but as this may take a wee while to
get there, I am posting the following brief list of acquisitions since
the last published list....

Keep those texts rolling in!
Lou Burnard, Oxford Text Archive

OTA UPDATE : Texts acquired since 01-Apr-1990
List produced on 11 Oct 1990

------------ Danish --------------
Kierkegaard, Soren
U-1394-E | Samlede V&aeling;rker (ed. Mckinnon). Original edition
A. McKinnon.

------------ English --------------
A-1389-B | Beowulf. Original published Cambridge, MASS, 1959.
Original edition Magoun.
U-1405-A | Beowulf (transcript of MS). Original edition Hutcheson.
Collections, corpora &c
U-1398-A | Anthology of Middle English texts. Original published
1990, Various. Original edition Dr Santiago Gonzalez y
A-1409-C | Blues lyric poetry: An anthology. Original published New
York, 1983, Garland Publishing Inc. Original edition
Michael Taft.
U-1397-B | The Towneley Cycle.
U-1392-B | York miracle play cycle. Original published 1982, York
medieval texts. Original edition R.Beadle. [The York plays
second series]
Butcher, William
U-1408-A | Verne's journey to the centre of the self. Original
published 1990, Macmillan. [Preface by Ray
Fielding, Henry
U-1396-B | Joseph Andrews. Original published Oxford, 1967,
Clarendon Press. Original edition Battestin, Martin C.
[Wesleyan series. Cleaned up version of text 54]
Francis, Nicholas and William Butcher
U-1407-A | Mississippi madness: Canoeing the Mississippi-Missouri.
Original published Oxford, 1990, Oxford Illustrated Press.
[Foreword by Edward Heath]
Shaftesbury, Anthony Ashley Cooper, Third Earl of
U-1395-A | Selected letters. Original published Stuttgart, 1981,
Frommann-Holzboog. Original edition Gerd Hemmerich and
Wolfram Benda. [A letter concerning enthusiasm & the adept
Sterne, Lawrence
U*-1388-C | Tristram Shandy (Chapters 1-6 and 9).
4 copies of first edition used
Swift, Jonathan and Thomas Sheridan
A-1386-A | The Intelligencer. Original published Oxford, 1990,
Clarendon Press, OUP. Original edition J.Woolley.

------------ French --------------
Gross, Maurice
A-1393-A | Materials for construction of lexicon grammar. Original
edition M.Gross.
Hugo, Victor
U-1406-A | Litt&eacute;erature et philosophie m&eacute;l&eacute;es.
Original published Paris, 1976, Klincksieck. Original
edition Anthony R.W. James. [Read from punch cards, not
checked against text.]

------------ Japanese --------------
Shikibu, Murasaki
U-1385-D | Genji Monogatari. Original published Japan, 1987,
Shogakukan Ltd. Original edition A.Abe, K. Akiyama, G.

------------ Latin --------------
A-1391-D | Letters. Original published Teubner/Cambrdge. Original
edition D.R Shackleton-Bailey. [Two different editions used
1978 and 198]

------------ Welsh --------------
A-1400-A | Llyr gwyn Rhydderch: Kulhwch. Original published
Aberystwyth. Original edition Sebastian Evans.
A-1401-A | Llyr gwyn Rhydderch: Ronabwy. Original published
Aberystwyth. Original edition Sebastian Evans.
A-1402-A | Llyr gwyn Rhydderch: Peredur. Original published
Aberystwyth. Original edition Sebastian Evans.
A-1403-A | Llyr gwyn Rhydderch: Owein. Original published
Aberystwyth. Original edition Sebastian Evans.

------------ Miscellaneous --------------
Collections, corpora &c
U-1184-A | Amele folktales and other materials.

----------= Non Linguistic --------------
Crawford, T.D.
U-1410-A | METRIX programs.

--------------------------=END OF TEXTARCHIVE SNAPSHOT--------------------