4.0598 Conf: Quantitative Linguistics (QUALICO) (1/137)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Wed, 17 Oct 90 21:46:46 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 4, No. 0598. Wednesday, 17 Oct 1990.

Date: Wed, 17 Oct 90 13:17 EST
From: "NANCY M. IDE (914) 437 5988" <IDE@VASSAR>
Subject: Quantitative Linguistics Conference

September 23 - 27, 1991
University of Trier, Germany
organized by the
GLDV - Gesellschaft fuer Linguistische Datenverarbeitung
(German Society for Linguistic Computing) and
the Editors of "Quantitative Linguistics"

supported by The City of Trier, The University of Trier,
and the following organisations:
GTW, IFIP (pending), IFSA (pending)


QUALICO is being held for the first time as an International Conference
to demonstrate the state of the art in Quantitative Linguistics. This
domain of language study and research is gaining considerable interest
due to recent advances in linguistic modelling, particularly in
computational linguistics, cognitive science, and developments in
mathematics like non- linear systems theory. Progress in hard- and
software technology together with ease of access to data and numerical
processing has provided new means of empirical data acquisition and the
application of mathematical models of adequate complexity. The German
Society for Linguistic Computation (Gesellschaft fuer Linguistische
Datenverarbeitung - GLDV) and the editors of 'Quantitative Linguistics'
have taken the initiative in preparing this conference to take place at
the University of Trier, in Trier (Germany), September 23rd - 27th, 1991.

In view of the stimulating new developments in Europe and the academic
world, the organizers' aim is to encourage and promote mutual exchange
of ideas in this field of interest which has been limited in the past.
Challanging advances in interdisciplinary quantitative analyses,
numerical modelling and experimental simulations from different
linguistic domains will be reported on by the following keynote
speakers: Gabriel Altmann (Bochum), Michail V. Arapov (Moskau) (pending
acceptance), Hans Goebl (Salzburg), Mildred L.G. Shaw (Calgary), John
S. Nicolis (Patras), Kenneth W. Church (Marina del Rey).


The International Program Committee invites communications (long papers:
20 minutes plus 10; short papers: 15 minutes plus 5; demonstrations
and posters) on basic research and development as well as on operational
applications of Quantitative Linguistics, including - but not limited
to - the following topics:

A. Methodology
1. Theory Construction - 2. Measurement, Scaling - 3. Taxonomy,
Categorizing - 4.Simulation - 5. Statistics, Probabilistic Modells,
Stochastic Processes - 6. Fuzzy Theory: Possibilistic Modells - 7.
Language and Grammar Formalisms - 8. Systems Theory: Cybernetics and
Information Theory, Synergetics, New Connectionism

B. Linguistic Analysis and Modelling
1. Phonetics - 2. Phonemics - 3. Morphology - 4. Syntax - 5. Semantics
- 6. Pragmatics - 7.Lexicology - 8. Dialectology - 9. Typology
- 10. Text and Discourse - 11. Semiotics

C. Applications
1. Speech Recognition and Synthesis - 2.Text Analysis and Generation
- 3.Language Acquisition and Teaching - 4.Text Understanding
and Knowledge Representation

Authors are asked to submit extended abstracts (1500 words; 4 copies)
of their papers in one of the conference's working languages (German,
English) not later than December 31, 1990 to:

QUALICO - The Program Committee
University of Trier
P.O.Box 3825
D-5500 TRIER

uucp: qualico@utrurt.uucp
or: ..!unido!utrurt!qualico
X.400: qualico@ldv.rz.uni-trier.dbp.de
or: <c=de;a=dbp;p=uni-trier;ou=rz;ou=ldv;s=qualico>

Notice of acceptance will be given by March 31, 1991; and full
versions of invited and accepted papers (camera-ready) are due by
June 30, 1991 in order to have the Conference Proceedings be published
in time to be available for participants at the beginning of QUALICO.
This 'Call for Papers' is distributed world-wide in order to reach
researchers active in universities and industry.


The oldest city in Germany, founded 16 b.C. by the Romans as Augusta
Treverorum in the Mosel valley is situated now in the most Western
region of Germany near both the French and Luxembourgian border.In
the center of Europe this ancient city will host the participants
of QUALICO at the University of Trier, surrounded by the vineyards
of the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer wine district at vintage beginning. The excursion
day scheduled midway through the conference (September 25, 1991) will
provide an opportunity to visit points of historical interest in the
city and its vicinity during a boat-trip on the Mosel river.

Chair: B.B. Rieger, University of Trier
S. Embleton, University of York,
D. Gibbon, University of Bielefeld
R. Grotjahn, University of Bochum
J. Haller, IAI Saarbruecken
P. Hellwig, University of Heidelberg
E. Hopkins, University of Bochum
J. Kindermann, GMD Bonn-St.Augustin
U. Klenk, University of Goettingen
R. Koehler, University of Trier
J.P. Koester, University of Trier
J. Krause, University of Regensburg
W. Lehfeldt, University of Konstanz
W. Lenders, University of Bonn
C. Lischka, GMD Bonn-St.Augustin
W. Matthaeus, University of Bochum
R.G. Piotrowski, University of Leningrad
D. Roesner, FAW Ulm
G. Ruge, Siemens AG, Muenchen
B. Schaeder, University of Siegen
H. Schnelle, University of Bochum
J. Sambor, University of Warsaw

Chair: R. Koehler, University of Trier

Early registration
(paid before July 31, 1991): DM 300,-
- Members of supporting organizations DM 250,-
- Students (without Proceedings) DM 150,-

(paid after July 31, 1991): DM 400,-
- Members of supporting organizations DM 350,-
- Students (without Proceedings) DM 250,-