4.0631 CETEDOC Electronic Text Library (1/85)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Wed, 24 Oct 90 23:35:51 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 4, No. 0631. Wednesday, 24 Oct 1990.

Date: 24 Oct 90 13:45:42 EST
From: James O'Donnell <JODONNEL@PENNSAS>
Subject: CETEDOC

I posted a query a couple of weeks ago regarding the policies of CETEDOC
concerning e-texts created and maintained under their auspices. I have
been in private correspondence with them since that time and I am happy
to be able to post the following announcement, at CETEDOC's request.
This is very good news indeed.


(on CD-ROM or on floppy disks).

CETEDOC already maintains two ongoing projects based on
its machine-readable texts. These projects will continue.

edition of the CORPUS CHRISTIANORUM series (Series Latina
and Continuatio Medievalis).
most recent fascicles: n. 60 CM53F Andreas a S. Victore, In Danielem;
n. 61 CM97 Paschasius Radbertus, De fide;
n. 62 CM71 Chronica Hispana;
n. 63 CM05 Speculum Virginum.
Each fascicle contains an ENUMERATIO FORMARUM, a REVERSE INDEX
and an exhaustive CONCORDANCE on microfiches.

- THESAURI series: already published: Thesaurus Gregorii Magni,
Thesaurus Bernardi Claraevallensis, Thesaurus Augustinianus
In press: Thesaurus Hieronymi.
Each Thesaurus is dedicated to the OPERA OMNIA of a christian
author. It consists of a printed volume with the INDEX VERBORUM
SINGULORUM OPERUM and a box and binder with the complete CONCOR-
DANCE and REVERSE INDEX on microfiches.

The new projects are more exciting. Plans are now definite for these
releases with first release less than a year away.

- a CD-ROM with the whole THESAURUS PATRUM LATINORUM i.e. all the
texts edited by the CORPUS CHRISTIANORUM (Series Latina and Con-
tinuatio Medievalis) and published by BREPOLS, Belgium.
The data base will contain about 20 millions words. First publi-
cation: summer 1991. An update is foreseen every two years. The
texts on the CD are corrected or not yet corrected. The
CORRECTED texts are the texts published with ILL fascicles or
published as Thesauri. The other are declared UNCORRECTED (they
have been verified and corrected only once instead of three

- a CD-ROM named THESAURUS FORMARUM LATINARUM containing a data
base of all the latin words in the Cetedocian data banks:
-> "classical" latin: words coming from the texts on the CD-ROM
elaborated by the PHI or coming from other institutions (as Seneca
Opera omnia, from PISA);
-> patristical latin: the Thesaurus Patrum Latinorum data bank;
-> medieval latin: belgian authors from VIIth until XIIth century;
-> recent latin: as Spinoza, for example;
-> latin texts (other): Franciscan Sources, Oecumenical councils,
Bonaventura, Index Thomisticus, Salimbene, etc.
More than 50 million words. The foreseen interrogation levels are:
period, century, author, work. Frequencies will be given globally, by
author and by work. First CD-ROM: summer 1992. Update: every 2

- "stand alone" data bases on CD-ROM or on floppy disks (depen-
ding on the volume of data to be included in the data base).
-> Bernardus Claraevallensis, opera omnia;
-> Corpus of Cistercian Sources;
-> Gregorius Magnus, opera omnia;
-> Concilia Oecumenica s. XI-XX;
-> Petrus Lombardus, Sententiae.

- TPL texts on floppy disks: full texts without apparatus criticus.
Foreseen for this series at present:
-> Augustinus, De civitate Dei;
-> Gregorius Magnus, Moralia in Job, etc..

Additional information can be requested from:

College Erasme
Place Blaise Pascal, 1
B - 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve