4.0684 Qs: WP Greek; HP->PS Greek; CDROM/TLG Readers (3/83)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Sat, 3 Nov 90 11:15:10 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 4, No. 0684. Saturday, 3 Nov 1990.

(1) Date: Fri, 2 Nov 90 09:29 CDT (43 lines)
Subject: Full Greek Character Set on Screen

(2) Date: Thu, 01 Nov 90 15:03:38 CET (24 lines)
From: Thomas Zielke <113355@DOLUNI1>
Subject: Pstscript/HP-Fonts

(3) Date: Thu, 1 Nov 90 23:30 EDT (16 lines)
From: JHUBBARD@smith
Subject: Which CD-ROM?

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Date: Fri, 2 Nov 90 09:29 CDT
Subject: Full Greek Character Set on Screen

I'm trying to help some stubborn colleagues; so, in turn, I am
turning to HUMANIST for help.

Have any of you worked out any way to use downloaded non-standard
screen fonts with WordPerfect 5.0 or 5.1 (MS-DOS)? My colleagues
insist that must be able to see not just the characters but also
accents and breathing marks on screen when they type Greek. It
seems to me that one should be able to use a large character set,
such as the 512-character sets available using the Duke Language
Toolkit, if one could find out how WordPerfect uses the video ram
to display its special character sets. The characters themselves
are stored in the files as multiple characters, but the program
does make some attempt to display them as single characters on the
screen, with more or less success depending on what graphics card
one has and how it is configured (not, however, well enough for the
colleagues in question, at least with the graphics cards they are
using). We were thinking of trying to pry some information out of
WordPerfect, offering to share our results with them if we managed
to succeed. But then it occurred to me that some HUMANIST might
have already tackled the problem and could prevent us from
reinventing the wheel. Have you? Or have you identified a
graphics card/monitor combination that does display the WP Greek
characters with accents and breathing marks? Or, even if you have
done neither, do you have any advice or helpful hints for us in the
event we get enough info from WordPerfect to try it ourselves?

(Yes, I know. It can supposedly be done with Multi-Lingual
Scholar, with PC-Write and with Nota Bene. It can also be done
with fonts available for the Macintosh. But I'm talking about
colleagues who steadfastly refuse to abandon either MS-DOS machines
or WordPerfect. And yet they continue to clamor for visible
accents and breathing marks. ( :->( ) We haven't promised them
results, only that we'll try.)

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Dan Church
Vanderbilt University

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Date: Thu, 01 Nov 90 15:03:38 CET
From: Thomas Zielke <113355@DOLUNI1>
Subject: Pstscript/HP-Fonts

Our History Department is thinking of buying a high-quality Laser-Printer
for printing texts, charts, maps etc. in a kind-of-DTP environment (MS-
WORD 5.0, MS-Chart 3.0, Harvard Graphics and AutoCAD 2.6/9.0/10.0).

We would rather like to have a Pstscript-Printer, but as our colleagues
from Greek and Roman History often have to print Greek inscriptions and
use special HP-LaserJet-compatible fonts to do so, we are wondering if
there is a way to download these fonts into a Postscript-device or to
convert HP-fonts into Postscript fonts. We do know that there is a
hardware solution to our problem (plugging in or out a Postscript
cartridge for the HP LJ III), but this not what we exactly want.
Any ideas?

Thomas Zielke

Historisches Seminar
Universit{t Oldenburg

Postfach 2503
D-2900 Oldenburg

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Date: Thu, 1 Nov 90 23:30 EDT
From: JHUBBARD@smith
Subject: Which CD-ROM?

My department has been given funds to buy a CD-ROM reader and small
amount of software. The main purpose is to access the TLG and PHI/CCAT
disks. Although there are Mac users that need to be considered, at this
stage we plan to us an MS-DOS machine for offloading. Does anybody have
any good advice on which model CD-ROM reader to buy? Is there any that
would be usable with a SCSI interface on the PC and then on the Mac as

Any suggestions on search/retrieve software would also be much

Thanks, Jamie Hubbard.