4.0711 Announcements: New List; TLG/L-Base; Utilities (3/107)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Tue, 13 Nov 90 09:46:15 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 4, No. 0711. Tuesday, 13 Nov 1990.

(1) Date: Wed, 7 Nov 90 19:17 EDT (53 lines)
From: Diane Kovacs <LIBRK329@ksuvxa.kent.edu>
Subject: New List Announcement

(2) Date: Wed, 7 Nov 90 14:17 CST (28 lines)
From: John Baima <D024JKB@UTARLG>
Subject: Searching the TLG

(3) Date: 5 Nov 90 09:57:00 EST (26 lines)
From: "Mary Dee Harris" <mdharris@guvax.georgetown.edu>
Subject: Ken Litkowski's Dictionary Utilities

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Date: Wed, 7 Nov 90 19:17 EDT
From: Diane Kovacs <LIBRK329@ksuvxa.kent.edu>
Subject: New List Announcement

New List Announcement:

LibRef@KENTVM "Discussion of Library Reference Issues"

This list is a discussion of the changing environment of library
reference services and activities. Topics include traditional reference
services, patron expectations, staff training, as well the impact of
CD-ROM and online searching on reference service.

This forum will serve as a professional networking and information
source. We will share ideas, solutions and experiences.

Owners =

Diane Kovacs dkovacs@kentvm
Laura Bartolo lbartolo@kentvm
Gladys Bell gbell@kentvm
Mary DuMont mdumont@kentvm
Julie McDaniel jmcdanie@kentvm
Carolyn Radcliff cradclif@kentvm
Kara Robinson krobinso@kentvm
Barbara Schloman bschloma@kentvm

This list is run from the LISTSERV at Kent State University and
moderated by the Reference Librarians at Kent State University
Libraries. The Internet address of the LISTSERV is

You may subscribe to this list by sending a subscribe command by
interactive message or by e-mail. To subscribe by interactive message,
send the command:

"SUB LIBREF yourfirstname yourlastname"

to LISTSERV@KENTVM. For example:

IBM VM CMS users would enter

tell listserv at kentvm "sub libref A. Librarian"

VAX VMS users would enter

send listserv@kentvm "sub libref A. Librarian"

You may also subscribe by send mail to LISTSERV@KENTVM with the command
"SUB LIBREF-L your name" in the body of the mail item.

Please do NOT send these commands to the list address LIBREF@KENTVM.
Doing so will cause your request to be broadcast to all subscribers and
will not cause your name to be added to the list.

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Date: Wed, 7 Nov 90 14:17 CST
From: John Baima <D024JKB@UTARLG>
Subject: Searching the TLG

In recent weeks a problem with searching the TLG has come to light on
another discussion group and I think that some HUMANISTs would be
interested in knowing about it. One of the features that the TLG marks
is "end of page" and it seems that these codes are not being accounted
for in any of the current search systems. The main problem is words which
have been hyphenated across a page boundary. When this happens (and it
happens quite a bit!!), the hyphenated word will not be matched because
of the "end of page" marks are in the middle of the word. Also, some
systems will not match a phrase across a page boundary. I have talked
with Dr. Brunner of the TLG and this feature is a problem with the
search systems and not the TLG.

If users of the TLG want to test their system, search for the word,
"parabebhkotwn" in Justin Martyr's Dialogues with Trypho. There should
be a match at 140.3, lines 7-8.

Users of my program (Lbase) need to have version 5.01 or later solve
this problem.

John Baima
Silver Mountain Software
(214) 709-6364

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Date: 5 Nov 90 09:57:00 EST
From: "Mary Dee Harris" <mdharris@guvax.georgetown.edu>
Subject: Ken Litkowski's Dictionary Utilities

I recently submitted a notice for Ken Litkowski about the utilities he
has developed for building and maintaining dictionaries. I have received
several requests which I have forwarded to him on COMPUSERVE.
Apparently he has not been able to communicate directly with BITNET so
we have routed the messages through me (I'm on both BITNET and

One of the queries was whether the utilities could handle Greek and
Latin. Ken's first response was "no" but he has since changed his mind.
However, I don't remember who asked the question. Could the person who
asked contact me and I will forward the message to Ken. He wants to
elaborate on a possible solution.

If you are on INTERNET, you can respond to Ken directly on COMPUSERVE:


Mary Dee Harris