4.0716 Virus and Security Conference Announcement (1/108)

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Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 4, No. 0716. Tuesday, 13 Nov 1990.

Date: Thu, 8 Nov 90 15:42 EST
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Subject: virus conference

Forwarded from: spaf@cs.purdue.edu (Gene Spafford)

Call for Papers
4th Annual Computer Virus & Security Conference
March 14 & 15, 1991 in New York City

Sponsored by the DPMA Financial Industries Chapter
In Cooperation with ACM SIGSAC and
The Computer Society of the IEEE

The 4th Annual Computer Virus and Security Conference will feature more
than thirty speakers on the topics of computer viruses and "vandalware,"
computer law, and computer security. Approximately twenty are well-known
experts in the field, and fifteen or more will be selected on the basis of
submitted papers.

Held on Thursday and Friday (Ides of March) at the New York World
Trade Center, this major event features:

* Identification of latest threats to SNA, DEC, PC, MAC, X.25
and UNIX.

* Tools and Techniques: What the major corporations are doing.

* Specific Countermeasures: From labs, other companies, commercial

The Conference traditionally covers recent outbreaks and experiments;
virus/intruder prevention, detection and recovery; product
demonstrations and ratings; and special attention to LAN, PBX, SNA,
OSI, E-Mail, and legal issues.

This year's focus topics are as follows:

* Prevention, detection and recovery from viruses and other harmful
computer programs.

* Original research on these and related topics.

* Recovery from the Wall Street Blackout and the Novell Virus.

* Case studies of computer and network security.

* Surveys of products and techniques available.

* Computer crime and related actions.

The bound Proceedings will include both the accepted papers and also
discursive articles by the invited speakers. There will be four
concurrent conference tracks each day:

Thursday will feature the Main Track, Products Track, Research
Papers, and a special Trap & Prosecute track geared to law
enforcement and criminal justice personnel.

Friday will feature Main, Products, and Research tracks, and a How
to Recover track strongly requested by returning attendees from
last year.

In the past, this conference has been featured in BYTE, CIO, Communications
(ACM), Computer (IEEE), Computerworld, Data Communications, Data Center
Manager, Datamation, Info World, Macintosh News, MIS Week, Network World,
and Unix Review. It is sponsored by the Data Processing Management
Association Financial Industries Chapter in cooperation with ACM SIGSAC and
the IEEE Computer Society.

Attendees may make use of discount airfares (43% off Continental) from
anywhere to New York, including both adjoining weekends. The Penta
Hotel (formerly Statler Hilton) has reserved a block of Conference
rooms at $89 per night. Conference itself includes luncheon and
quarter-mile-high hospitality at Windows on the World Restaurant.

Target audience includes MIS Directors, Security Analysts, Software
Engineers, Operations Managers, Academic Researchers, Technical Writers,
Criminal Investigators, Hardware Manufacturers, and Lead Programmers.
Registration (202-371-1013) costs $275 for one day, $375 for both, with a
$25 discount for members of cooperating organizations (DPMA< ACM, IEEE-CS).

Submissions to the conference may be either as an extended abstract or a
draft final paper. Four copies of each submission should be *received* by
the program chair no later than Tuesday, January 8, 1991. Each submission
must contain a brief abstract (approx. 200 words), and a header identifying
the names, affiliation, address, and e-mail address (optional) of all
authors. Successful submitters or co-authors are expected to present in
person. Decisions will be announceed by Feb. 12, 1991.

Submissions are invited on all aspects of the conference, and particularly
on new research in the area of vandalware and countermeasures.

Program Committee:

Richard Lefkon David M. Chess Stephen R. White

Thomas Duff Frederick B. Cohen Gene Spafford
AT&T Bell Labs ASP Research Purdue University

Dennis D. Steinauer Gail M. Thackery Kenneth R. van Wyk
NIST AZ Attorney General's DARPA/CERT
- --
Gene Spafford
NSF/Purdue/U of Florida Software Engineering Research Center,
Dept. of Computer Sciences, Purdue University, W. Lafayette IN 47907-2004
Internet: spaf@cs.purdue.edu uucp: ...!{decwrl,gatech,ucbvax}!purdue!spaf