4.0748 TEI Survey of Literature Study Needs (1/131)

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Mon, 26 Nov 90 10:19:24 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 4, No. 0748. Monday, 26 Nov 1990.

Date: Sun, 25 Nov 90 11:11:07 EST
From: Ian Lancashire <IAN@vm.epas.utoronto.ca>
Subject: TEI

Paul Fortier has asked that this be made available through Humanist and
as a member of his committee I'm passing it on [...]

Thanks, Ian Lancashire

Subject: Survey of Literature Study Needs

Dear Colleague: 22/11/90

The next cycle of work in the TEI Project will include a concentrated
effort to develop standards geared to the needs of scholars of

I am writing on behalf of a Work Group charged with setting up the
committee structure to carry this out. Input from the community of
potential users of these standards will be particularly valuable to us
at this time.

Please fill out the following questionnaire and return it to me by
electronic mail at FORTIER@UOFMCC.BITNET, or by paper post to Paul A.
Fortier, Department of French and Spanish, University of Manitoba,
Winnipeg, Man., R3T 2N2, CANADA.

If you know of any colleagues who might be affected or interested by
this topic, please pass a copy of this letter along to them.

We need to receive your responses no later than December 10, 1990.
Thank you,
Paul A. Fortier,
TEI Work Group on Literary Texts.

I. Standards for Literature Texts.

I would rate the importance of the indicated categories to standards
for literature texts as follows:

A. Bibliographical Information : (Place, date of publication, edition,
printing, etc):
__Essential __Important __Not important __Should not be included
Further comments:

B. Formal Characteristics (Chapters and sub-chapters, page and line
Breaks, stanza divisions, speakers in plays, stage directions, etc.):
__Essential __Important __Not important __Should not be included
Further comments:

C. Grammatical Information (Basic Form, Part of Speech, Inflection
Identification, etc):
__Essential __Important __Not important __Should not be included
Further comments:

D. Metrical Information for Poetry:
__Essential __Important __Not important __Should not be included
Further comments:

E. Interpretative Information (e.g. Narrative vs. expository
passages, direct and indirect discourse, point of view, themes,
images, allusions, etc.):
__Essential __Important __Not important __Should not be included
Further comments:

Please Specify Important items in this category:

F. In order to do my work as I prefer, I need generally
accepted tags for the following aspects of texts (Please be as
specific as possible. This is not a test but an opportunity to
express your wishes. Please number your "wishes" and rank them
in descending order of preference.):


G. Futher suggestions to the Work Group on Literature Texts:

II. The Current Version of the Standards (TEI P1.1)

I would propose the following modifications to make them more
appropriate to the needs of scholars of literature (Please list in
descending order of preference):


III. About yourself

I consider myself to be a specialist in (Literature) (another
discipline [please specify]):

My sub-specialties are as follows:

Genre (please specify):

Period (please specify):

Geographical area (please specify):

Language of the texts studied (please specify):

The next text I shall encode will probably be
__Prose fiction __Theatre __Film script __Poetry __Essay
__Non-literary text __Other (please specify):

I use the following type of computer:
__Mainframe __Microcomputer __both __neither

I (have) (have not) prepared literary texts for computer processing.

I (have) (have not) used texts prepared elsewhere for computer

I (have) (have not) published literary analyses based on computer

I (am) (am not) aware of the content of the current version of the
Standards (TEI P1.1) from the following source(s)
__ Reading the Standards Document (TEI P1.1)
__ Conference Presentations __ Published or electronic descriptions
__ Other (please specify):

I (would) (would not) be willing to work on a committee to develop
explicit standards for my area of specialisation.

Name and Postal Address (Optional):