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Subject: Machine Translation
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Applied Computer Translation

Keep Up To Date With Machine Translation
And Computer Aided Language Learning

Applied Computer Translation (ACT) aims to encourage an
inter-disciplinary perspective on this all important issue, by
bringing together concepts from linguistics, computer science and
related fields, in an easily understandable form.

Topics covered include knowledge based and probabilistic machine
translation, computer aided language learning and corpus based
applications. News and reviews provide informed insight into
developments in the field, as well as providing a useful channel for

Applications from the mainframe to the micro are covered, ranging from
research projects at an international level, to activities in the

The journal gives high quality academic and industrial opinion in a
digestible form - articles and features will work together to provide
not only new information, but also background to areas already covered,
to facilitate wider understanding.

Within the journal, language professionals, linguists, computer
scientists, industrialists and those with any interest in machines and
language can find a forum for active, intelligent discussion on this
important topic.


Research Papers at the very forefront of technology.

Application Reports - short papers covering a wide
area, from personal comments
to positional papers to previews
of forthcoming work.

Case Studies - reviews of major applications of
computer translation in any

(All Above REFEREED)

Reviews of books, software and new equipment.


General Editor: Tony McEnery,
Department Of Computing,
Engineering Building,
Lancaster University,
LA1 4YR,

email mcenery@uk.ac.lancs.comp

Far East Editor: Professor Jun-Ichi Tsujii,
c/o Motojiro Tsujii,
78 Un'rin'in cho,
Japan 603.

(Visiting Professor at UMIST,
PO Box 88,
M60 1QD,
email : tsujii@uk.ac.umist.ccl

North American Editor:
Dr. Ezra Black,
Continuous Speech Recognition Group,
Research Division,
IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Centre,
PO Box 704,
Yorktown Heights,
New York 10598,
email : BLACK@almaden.ibm.com

General Board:
Dr. D. Arnold
(Linguistics, University Of Essex, UK)

Dr. W. Black
(Computational Linguistics, UMIST, UK)

Prof. J Durand
(Linguistics, Salford University, UK)

John Higgins
(School Of Education, Bristol University,UK)

Ian Kelly
(Chairman, British Computer Society
Special Interest Group On Natural
Language Translation)

Prof. F. Knowles
(Modern Languages, Aston University, UK)

Tom Routen
(Dept. Maths Stats & Computing,
Leicester Polytechnic, UK)

Prof. W. Skala
(Department Of Informatics And Computing,
Pilzen Institute Of Technology,


Volume 1 :

Personal 22.50 pounds (45 dollars)
Library/Corporate 45 pounds (90 dollars)

Volume Two Onwards :

Personal 30 pounds (60 dollars)
Library/Corporate 60 pounds (120 dollars)

Prices Include Postage/Airmail

Send Cheques/PO's/Money Orders
& signature)

To :

Sigma Press,
1 South Oak Lane,
SK9 6AR,


You are invited to submit contributions to the editors.

The normal length of an article is 7,00 words, though longer articles
may be accepted. You should write concisely but not at the expense of
clarity, bearing in mind that the referees report will be based on a
contributions length relative to its content.

An acknowledgement of receipt will normally be sent within seven days.
A publication decision should be made within six weeks of the receipt of
a contribution. Our policy is to ensure rapid publication of accepted
contributions so that their currency is maintained.

It is imperative that all articles are either sent in ascii format by
electronic mail, or on a 5.25/3.5 inch disk in a PC format. Several
word processor formats are acceptable though straight ascii is simplest.
Under extenuating circumstances manually typed articles will be accepted.

Each article must be accompanied by an abstract. Please note that
electronic submissions save the waste of paper.

More detailed notes on guidance for contributors and a style
sheet are available from the publishers on request.