4.0781 Conf: Artificial Intelligence and the Law (1/69)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Thu, 29 Nov 90 00:35:32 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 4, No. 0781. Thursday, 29 Nov 1990.

Date: Fri, 16 Nov 90 13:46 EST
From: "NANCY M. IDE (914) 437 5988" <IDE@VASSAR>
Subject: Artificial Intelligence and the Law

extracted from:
NL-KR Digest (Thu Nov 15 16:32:23 1990) Volume 7 No. 23

Call for Papers

Third International Conference on

25-28 June 1991
St. Catherine's College, Oxford, UK

Sponsored by: The Society for Computers and Law, UK
In Cooperation with ACM SIGART

The field of AI and Law seeks both to develop useful applications of
computers to law and to investigate fundamental mechanisms of legal
reasoning. In addition, many researchers see the law as an ideal
problem domain in which to address some of the basic theoretical issues
in AI.

The purpose of ICAIL-91 is to provide a forum for the latest research
results and to stimulate further interdisciplinary collaboration, to
demonstrate accomplishments in practical applications, and to provide a
continuing focus for the growing AI and Law community. Previous
meetings of the International Conference took place in Boston (1987) and
Vancouver (1989). In response to the rapid increase in activity and
interest in the field, it is planned to establish an International
Society for AI and Law during the Conference.

Authors are invited to submit papers on topics including but not
restricted to:
--Legal Expert Systems
--Conceptual Information Retrieval
--Case-based Reasoning
--Representation of Legal and Common Sense Knowledge
--Computational Models of Legal Reasonoing
--Applications of AI to Law
Papers on theoretical issues in AI and in jurisprudence/legal philosophy
are invited provided that the relevance to AI and Law is clearly
demonstrated. Papers on applications should include a description of
the nature and purpose of the application, the techniques employed, and
the current state of implementation. Submissions are due by 15 January,
1991. Papers should not exceed 5000 words. Short papers not exceeding
2500 words are also invited, particularly in the area of "applications
experience". Papers will be reviewed by members of the Program

Please send five (5) copies of submitted papers to the Programme Chair:
Marek Sergot, Department of Computing
Imperial College of Science, Technology, and Medicine
180 Queen's Gate, London SW7 2BZ, England
FAX: (071) 581 8024 Internet: mjs@doc.ic.ac.uk
Notification of acceptance:15 March 1991. Camera-ready copies due:15 April 1991

Conference Chair: Secretary-Treasurer:
Richard Susskind Carole Hafner
Masons, Solicitors College of Computer Science
30 Aylesbury Street Northeastern University
London EC1R OER ENGLAND Boston, MA 02115 USA
Tel: (071) 490-4000 FAX: 490-2545 Tel: (617) 437-5116 FAX: 437-5121
Programme Committee
T Bench-Capon, Univ. Liverpool, UK L T McCarty, Rutgers Univ., USA
D Berman, Northeastern Univ., USA E Mackaay, Univ. of Montreal, Canada
A vdL Gardner, Atherton, CA, USA A Oskamp, Free Univ. Amsterdam,
T Gordon, GMD, Bonn, W. Germany E Pattaro, Univ. of Bologna, Italy
A Jones, Univ. of Oslo, Norway E Rissland, Univ. of Mass., USA
M Sergot, Imperial College, UK