4.0930 Responses on Humanist Postings on War and Israel (2/55)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Wed, 23 Jan 91 17:39:25 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 4, No. 0930. Wednesday, 23 Jan 1991.

(1) Date: Tue, 22 Jan 91 22:56:28 EST (32 lines)
From: Stephen Clausing <SCLAUS@YALEVM>
Subject: war

(2) Date: Wed, 23 Jan 91 10:08:46 MDT (23 lines)
From: Skip Knox <DUSKNOX@IDBSU>
Subject: Re: 4.0918 More News from Israel

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Date: Tue, 22 Jan 91 22:56:28 EST
From: Stephen Clausing <SCLAUS@YALEVM>
Subject: war

I see my plea for silence was in vain. Let me respond to some of the
criticisms of my message. First, I said I "wish" for silence. I did not
demand it, nor could I if I had wanted to, since I don't decide what gets
aired on Humanist. Secondly, Humanist is moderated. Not everything is
deemed fit for dissemination and some topics are terminated when they
have been exhausted. To suggest that a given topic not be posted is
hardly an attack on first amendment rights and I consider it a splenetic
reaction to demand that the person making such a request should resign
from the profession. I, at least, have no intention of doing so. Let
me restate why I think this topic is ripe for cancellation. The
vehement arguments that have been put forth give evidence that we all
have firm opinions on this topic and further discussion of this issue
would only lead to neadless rancour. I also hoped to make the point
that the anti-war protestations are painful and even somewhat insulting
to those of us who have relatives in harm's way of this war. Common
courtesy would dictate that people would voluntarily wish to spare
others this pain, if in fact their claims of concern apply to
individuals and not merely to the broad masses. Finally, the point was
raised previous to my message that we Humanists were better qualified to
raise this issue than others. To me this is academic arrogance and I
see that arrogance in the arguments presented on this issue. I would
like to see just once that the members of this profession realize that
they are just people like everyone else and that their political views
are no wiser or more profound than those of the janitors in their
buildings. Consequently, I suggest that they discuss this issue with
their friends, relatives, and neighbors. What I see on Humanist remains
largely moralistic posturing. To paraphrase Martin Luther, if you pray,
pray in the stillness of your room. This is sincerity.
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Date: Wed, 23 Jan 91 10:08:46 MDT
Subject: Re: 4.0918 More News from Israel

I want to thank Bob Werman for his postings from Israel - they are by
far the most telling "scenes from the front" that I have seen, CNN
coverage included.

I confess I am irritated by the news bulletins that find their way onto
the nets. Do people really think I'm glued to my computer terminal
rather than listening to the radio or watching the TV? By the time
their breathless news flashes are read, it's old news twice over.

But Werman's postings are of another sort entirely. They show how the
war appears from a particular vantage point. If there are people out
there in Saudi Arabia or elsewhere close to the front, or even close to
the diplomatic front in Europe and elsewhere, I would like to encourage
you all to contribute in the same vein and spirit. It helps me

Ellis 'Skip' Knox, Ph.D.
Historian, Data Center Associate
Boise State University DUSKNOX@IDBSU.IDBSU.EDU