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(1) Date: Tue, 05 Feb 91 13:07:54 CST (88 lines)
From: "Eric Johnson DSU, Madison, SD 57042" <ERIC@SDNET>
Subject: Conference (ICEBOL5)

(2) Date: Tue, 5 Feb 91 19:55:18 -0500 (87 lines)
From: walker@flash.bellcore.com (Don Walker)
Subject: COLING-92 First Announcement & Call for Papers

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Date: Tue, 05 Feb 91 13:07:54 CST
From: "Eric Johnson DSU, Madison, SD 57042" <ERIC@SDNET>
Subject: Conference (ICEBOL5)

I C E B O L 5

Fifth International Conference on Symbolic and Logical Computing

Dakota State University
April 18-19, 1991 Madison, SD 57042

Nancy M. Ide

Professor and Chair, Computer Science Department, Vassar College.
Author of _Pascal for the Humanities_ and articles on William Blake,
artificial intelligence, and programming for the analysis of texts.

Ralph Griswold

One of the creators of the Icon programming language and SNOBOL4.
He is the editor of two newsletters, and the author of six books and
dozens of articles on computer languages and string and list processing.
He is Professor of Computer Science at the University of Arizona.

ICEBOL5, the fifth International Conference on Symbolic and Logical
Computing, is designed for teachers, scholars, and programmers who want
to meet to exchange ideas about computer programming for non-numeric
applications -- especially those in the humanities. In addition to a
focus on SNOBOL4, SPITBOL, and Icon, ICEBOL5 will feature presentations
on processing in a variety of programming languages such as Pascal,
Prolog, C, and REXX.


Music Score Recognition Automatic File Generation
Predicate Logic Parallel Logic Programming
Tools for Navajo Lexicography Expert System for Advising
Computer Analysis of Poetry and Prose Simulating Neural Activity
Parsing Texts Data Integrity Checking
Digitized Voice Management Selecting Expert Systems
Grammar and Machine Translation Editing Large Texts
Logical Modeling of Complex Systems

Please make your own reservations.

Lake Park Motel (Single $23);(Double $26)
W. Hwy. 34 Phone (605) 256-3424

Super 8 (Single $26);(Double $32)
W. Hwy. 34 Phone (605) 256-6931

All major chains available in Sioux Falls, SD (50 miles from conference

- - - - - - - - - - - - - REGISTRATION FORM - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


April 18-19, 1991
Indicate the number for the following:
______Advance registration $150.00 (includes two lunches,
coffee breaks, banquet, one copy of the proceedings);
On-site registration $175.00 $________
______Additional copies of ICEBOL5 proceedings ($35.00 each) $________
______Additional banquet tickets ($15.00) $________
______Shuttle from Sioux Falls airport ($40.00 per passenger
round trip) $________
Arrival: Flight________ Date ________ Time ________
Departure: Flight_______ Date ________ Time ________
(Rental cars are available at the Sioux Falls, SD airport)

Total Amount Enclosed $________

Name_______________________________ College or Firm_____________________

Mailing address_________________________________________________________
Return this form to: Eric Johnson, ICEBOL5 Director, 114 Beadle Hall,
Dakota State University, Madison, South Dakota 57042 USA
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Date: Tue, 5 Feb 91 19:55:18 -0500
From: walker@flash.bellcore.com (Don Walker)
Subject: COLING-92 First Announcement & Call for Papers

Fourteenth International Conference on Computational Linguistics


23-28 July 1992, Nantes, France


DATES: The conference will last five full days (not counting Sunday).
Pre-COLING tutorials will take place on 20-22 July (2-1/2 days).

ORGANIZERS: GETA and IMAG, Grenoble (F. Peccoud, Ch. Boitet, J. Courtin),
Palais des Congres, Nantes (M. Gillet), Universite de Nantes (M.H. Jayez),
EC2 (G. d'Aumale).

PROGRAMME CHAIR: Prof. A. Zampolli, Universita di Pisa, ILC, via della
Faggiola 32, I-56100 Pisa, ITALY (tel: +39.50.560481; fax: +39.50.589055).

DEADLINES: Send six A4 or 8-1/2 by 11 inch copies of the full paper to
Prof. Zampolli before 1 November 1991. Notifications of acceptance will
be sent by 1 March 1992. Camera-ready copies of final papers conforming
to the COLING-90 style sheet must reach GETA (GETA-IMAG, COLING-92, BP 53X,
F-38041 Grenoble, FRANCE) by 1 May 1992.

TOPICS: All topics in Computational Linguistics are acceptable. Papers
concerning real applications will be especially welcome. A special session
on language industry is planned. Please indicate main areas of papers using
two-level categories: computational models and formalisms (in morphology,
syntax, semantics, pragmatics, discourse, dialogue, . . .), methods
(symbolic, numerical, statistical, neural, . . .), tools (specialized
languages, environments), large-scale resources (textual, lexical,
grammatical databases), applications (natural language interfaces,
information retrieval, text generation, machine translation, machine
aids to writing, translating, abstracting, learning, . . .), hypermedia
and natural language processing (integration of text, speech, graphics,
video), generic questions in language industry (engineering, ergonomics,
legal aspects, normalization, . . .).

TYPES OF PAPERS: Topical papers (maximum seven pages in final format)
on crucial issues in Computational Linguistics, and project notes
(maximum five pages). Only unpublished papers will be accepted.
Papers should describe substantial and original work, especially
new methodologies and applications. They should emphasize completed
rather than intended work.

PRELIMINARY SCHEDULE: Twelve 30-minute lecture slots daily (hopefully
in only three parallel sessions) and three 30-minute demonstration slots
during the lunch break (hopefully in at least ten parallel sessions).
It should be possible to have lunch and go to two or even three demos.

DEMONSTRATIONS: Demonstrations are strongly encouraged. A project note
without a demo will have a lower probability of acceptance. With a demo,
it will get three consecutive demo slots. A topical paper including a
demo will be presented as a lecture and as a demo.

LANGUAGES: One extra page will be allowed for a long abstract in
English, if the paper is written in another language, or conversely
(paper in English and long abstract in another language). Speakers
not giving their talk in English are encouraged to use visual aids
in English.

EXHIBITION: An exhibition of language industry products will be
organized in parallel by EC2, the well known organizer of the annual
Avignon meetings on Expert Systems. Industrial firms are encouraged
to present state-of-the-art NLP products.

OTHER ACTIVITIES: A social programme will be proposed to participants
and companions. Individual discovery is also possible, as Nantes and
its region are culturally very active and full of picturesque places.

Organized on behalf of the
International Committee on Computational Linguistics

Martin Kay, Palo Alto (President); Eva Hajicova, Prague (Vice President);
Donald E. Walker, Morristown (Secretary General); Christian Boitet,
Grenoble; Nicoletta Calzolari, Pisa; Brian Harris, Ottawa; David Hays,
New York (Honorary); Kolbjorn Heggstad, Bergen; Hans Karlgren, Stockholm;
Olga Kulagina, Moscow; Winfried Lenders, Bonn; Makato Nagao, Kyoto;
Helmut Schnelle, Bochum; Petr Sgall, Prague; Yorick Wilks, Las Cruces;
Antonio Zampolli, Pisa