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Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 4, No. 0990. Wednesday, 6 Feb 1991.

(1) Date: Tue, 05 Feb 91 20:48:20 EST (33 lines)
From: Michael Strangelove <441495@UOTTAWA>
Subject: New List - Context-L

(2) Date: Wed, 06 Feb 91 00:01:16 EST (6 lines)
Subject: Announcement for posting on Humanist

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Date:(3) Tue, 05 Feb 91 20:48:20 EST (77 lines)
From: Michael Strangelove <441495@UOTTAWA>
Subject: New List - Context-L

New Academic List:

Context-L is intended to provide a forum for the discussion of the newly
emerging field of Social-Scientific Criticism, particularly with
reference to Roman Palestine, Early Christianity and the literature of
the Graeco-Roman world.

Any discussion on the methodology(s) and models of social-scientific
criticism would be welcomed. This would include book and article
reviews, calls for papers, conference announcements and reports,
constructive criticism and related matters. Papers in progress,
collaborative material, bibliographies and other such files of lasting
interest will be placed in an archive which will be accessible via
Listserv. In the meantime, such files will be available by anonymous
ftp in the directory pup/context/.

To subscribe to CONTEXT-L send a *MAIL* request to:


Please note that it may take a few days for your subscription to be
activated. As this list is temporarily on UNIX no TELL commands will
be effective.

Any questions concerning CONTEXT-L should be addressed to:

Michael Strangelove
List Coordinator
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Date: Wed, 06 Feb 91 00:01:16 EST
Subject: Announcement for posting on Humanist

I would be grateful if you would post the following announcement
on Humanist. --Teri Harrison


EduTel: A Forum for Considering CMC Applications
in Educational Contexts

As the international academic community becomes increasingly
familiar with computer networking, there has been widespread interest
in understanding how this new communication medium can be used in
educational contexts. Since the networks themselves may be the best
medium for discussing educational applications, a cross-disciplinary,
cross-institutional group of scholars has joined forces to create and
guide EduTel, an electronic conference whose purpose is to consider how
computer-mediated communication can be used to achieve educational

Initially, EduTel staff will encourage discussion related to
three broad educational themes. One theme will focus on how computer-
mediated communication can enhance students' and faculty's educational
experiences within and outside the classroom contexts. A second theme
will address how CMC can improve the education and life style of the
physically and educationally handicapped. A third theme will be
international development: specifically, how developing nations are
using CMC to foster education and research within and between
themselves. These themes will constitute three separate but
simultaneous lines of discussion available to conference participants.
Each of these lines of discussion will be moderated and guided by one or
two conference staff members. It will also be possible to pose
questions or introduce issues that are not related to the themes defined
above. As the conference continues, we expect new themes to emerge and,
given sufficient interest, be incorporated into ongoing discussion.

EduTel is scheduled to begin on Monday, February 11, 1991 and
continue into May, 1991. Those interested in participating can
subscribe by either:

(a) sending an interactive message to COMSERVE@RPIECS with the
following command:

Subscribe EduTel First_Name Last_Name

(Example:) Subscribe EduTel Mary Smith

(b) sending this same command (with no other punctuation or words) in
the message portion of an electronic mail message addressed to either:

Comserve@Rpiecs (Bitnet)
Comserve@Vm.Ecs.Rpi.Edu (Internet)

Further information about the EduTel conference will be sent to
subscribers when the conference begins.


Conference Staff

Coordinating Moderator: Norman Coombs
Rochester Institute of Technology

CMC and the Classroom: Boyd Davis
UNC -- Charlotte
Don Ploch
University of Tennessee -- Knoxville

CMC and Disability: Bob Zenhausern
St. Johns University

CMC and International Development: Sam Lanfranco
York University

CMC and Other Educational Questions: Karen O'Quin
Buffalo State College

Technical Moderator: Teresa Harrison
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute