4.1074 Rs: List of Anonymous FTP Sites (2/107)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Fri, 22 Feb 91 17:51:55 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 4, No. 1074. Friday, 22 Feb 1991.

(1) Date: Thu, 21 Feb 91 12:22:35 EMT (99 lines)
From: Knut Hofland <FAFKH@NOBERGEN>
Subject: Re: 4.1058 FTP Guide

(2) Date: Wed, 20 Feb 91 21:21:59 CST (8 lines)
From: Natalie Maynor <nm1@Ra.MsState.Edu>
Subject: Re: 4.1058 FTP Guide

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Date: Thu, 21 Feb 91 12:22:35 EMT
From: Knut Hofland <FAFKH@NOBERGEN>
Subject: Re: 4.1058 FTP Guide

I enclose the introduction to the file FTP.LIST, maintained by Jon
Granrose. As described in this note, the file is available from several

Knut Hofland

The Norwegian Computing Centre for the Humanities
Street adr: Harald Haarfagres gt. 31
Post adr: P.O. Box 53, University, N-5027 Bergen, Norway
Tel: +47 5 212954/5/6 Fax: +47 5 322656


ATTENTION: If you have any questions, comments, or anything else feel
free to mail me, but please read the rest of this header first!

NEW: I have added the GMT timezone info for each site that has telnet
port 13 responding in the standard way. It appears next to the "last
mod" date for each site. The number is what to add to the site's local
time to get GMT time. For instance, pilot.njin.net is GMT 4 which means
that you add four hours to pilot's local time to get the GMT time. So
in reality, pilot is fours hours earlier than GMT. Most unix systems
can give you your GMT time using the date command if you don't know it.
Please try to keep ftping to off-peak hours if possible.

This is my list of Internet sites accepting anonymous ftp. It is dis-
tributed automatically once each month.

If you are sending this on to someone or in any other way providing this
for someone else, please leave this header intact. Otherwise I get many
questions which this would have answered. Feel free to make this list
avail- able anywhere you like, as we all benefit from a freer flow of

This list is posted to comp.misc, and comp.sources.wanted, on Usenet and
is distributed via anonymous FTP from pilot.njin.net ( as
well as being available from several other FTP sites (see list). I am
also running a simple mail-server from my account on pilot. For more
information about the server, mail odin@pilot.njin.net with a subject of
"listserv-request" and a message body of "send help". Rather than
requesting the latest list from me by mail, simply send the request to
the listserv. If you send me a request for the latest list, I will send
you the help file for the listserv.

I don't have the time to read all these newsgroups so if there is any-
thing you want me to see, please use email. There is also a mailing list
which is being used to distribute the list, and to get feedback on any
new ideas. If you wish to be added to the mailing list mail me at pilot.

Special thanks goes to Edward Vielmetti for all the work he does posting
new archive information to comp.archives and to David Katinsky, who
allows me to work on this list from pilot.

If there are any corrections/updates/etc to be made please mail me at
odin@pilot.njin.net. That also goes for descriptions of the archives. I
don't have time to personally check each and every site so if you use a
site regularly and can put together a better description, please tell me
so I can update this list. This is especially true for sites described
as "unknown" or with vague descriptions. Also, if you are providing
updates, it is easi- est on me if you either state "add/remove
<whatever>" or simply supply me with a complete new description of the
site. This makes it easier for me to make the changes without any
errors, especially in the case of archives being moved to different

The last line for each site contains the date of last modification, and
the login and password in the form <login>/<password>. For the sites
that have "odin@pilot.njin.net" for the password, substitute your own
mail address (user@host.domain). It is suggested that you use your mail
address as the password wherever possible, even if it isn't required to
let sites keep better track of who is using their site. For those
people who dislike the date or the login and password there, grep it out
yourself. If you can't stand the format the list is in, the raw
database is available from pilot and you can write your own format

For those unfortunates who do not have ftp but do have mail, I have
included the mail address of an archive that will retrieve files for you
through the mail. Send "help" in a message to the server to find out the
exact commands necessary.

The only mail-ftp archive I know of is:

bitftp@pucc.princeton.edu (most well-known)

Please don't ask me how to use it, as it can explain itself better than I

Jon Granrose
February 20, 1991
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Date: Wed, 20 Feb 91 21:21:59 CST
From: Natalie Maynor <nm1@Ra.MsState.Edu>
Subject: Re: 4.1058 Queries (6/104)

In answer to David Reimer's question, a list of anonymous ftp sites is
available via anonymous ftp from ra.msstate.edu -- docs/internet/
--Natalie (nm1@ra.msstate.edu)