4.1081 Confs: AHC91/History & Computing; Feminist Crit. (2/107)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Sun, 24 Feb 91 21:48:24 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 4, No. 1081. Sunday, 24 Feb 1991.

(1) Date: Mon, 11 Feb 91 09:38:55 DNT (58 lines)
From: Hans Joergen <DDAHM@VM.UNI-C.DK>
Subject: AHC 91 Call for papers
Forwarded from: TEI-L

(2) Date: Sun, 24 Feb 91 15:39 EST (49 lines)
From: "John T. Harwood 814-865-4764" <JTH@PSUVM>
Subject: Seminar in Feminist Criticism

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Date: Mon, 11 Feb 91 09:38:55 DNT
From: Hans Joergen <DDAHM@VM.UNI-C.DK>
Subject: AHC 91 Call for papers
Forwarded from TEI-L

AHC-conference in Odense 28th to 30th August 1991

The sixth international conference of the AHC will be held in Odense,
Denmark and arranged by the Danish Data Archives.

In the program comity for the conference are Peter Denley, Westfield
College, London, Stefan Fogelvik, Stockholms Historiska Databas,
Daniel Greenstein, Glasgow University, Hans J×rgen Marker, Dansk
Data Arkiv, Jan Oldervol, Universitetet i Troms×, Kevin Schurer,
Cambridge Group, Josef Smets, Montpellier, and Manfred Thaller,
Max Planck Institut fõr Geschichte, G¾ttingen.

Topics of the Conference

The topics of the conference will as usual be a broad presentation of
every thing that is going on in history and computing. Papers are
invited on substantial subjects as well as methodological questions.

Among the expected topics are
-Standardization and exchange of machie readable data in the
historical disciplines
-Data analysis and presentation
-Event history analysis
-Text analysis
-Simulation and modelling
-Computer aided teaching
-Social and economic history
-Quantitative methods

At the forthcoming conference it would be natural, as the conference
is located in Scandinavia, if demographic studies and large data
collections would be a central issue

Furthermore a number of workshops on methodological questions will
be held in the spring of 1991. These workshops will present their
results for further discussions in workshop sessions at the conference.
One of these workshops is dedicated to the application of the TEI guidelines
in the field of history.

Papers are invited on all aspects of computing in history. The papers
will be published in a proceedings volume from the conference
provided that they are submitted in machine readable form
(WordPerfect or ASCII).


Further information on the conference will be obtainable from
Hans J×rgen Marker
Danish Data Archives
MunkebjergvÎnget 48
5230 Odense M
Phone +45 66 15 79 20 Fax +45 66 15 83 20

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Date: Sun, 24 Feb 91 15:39 EST
From: "John T. Harwood 814-865-4764" <JTH@PSUVM>
Subject: Seminar in Feminist Criticism


Summer Seminar


June 24-28, 1991
State College, Pennsylvania

The Penn State Seminar in Feminist Literary Criticism offers
faculty and advanced graduate students in departments of
English and modern languages the opportunity to survey the
major issues and freshen their knowledge of recent feminist
criticism. Our four-day seminar includes presentations by
two well-known scholar-critics, Elizabeth Abel and Madelon
Sprengnether; discussions organized by these leaders; and
time for reading the materials on which the seminars will be
centered. The schedule and atmosphere are intended to
encourage informal discussions among participants.


ELIZABETH ABEL, Department of English, University of
California, Berkeley. Author of Virginia Woolf and the
Fictions of Psychoanalysis (1989), editor of Writing and
Sexual Difference (1982), and co-editor of The Signs Reader
(1983) and The Voyage In (1983).

MADELON SPRENGNETHER, Department of English, University of
Minnesota. Author of The Spectral Mother: Freud, Feminism
and Psychoanalysis (1990) and co-editor of The (M)other
Tongue: Essays in Feminist Psychoanalytic Interpretation

For further information, contact:

Wendell Harris
Department of English
Pennsylvania State University
University Park, Pennsylvania 16802
Telephone: 814-863-2343 or 814-865-9243