4.1208 IASSIST 91: Data in the Global Village (1/168)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Fri, 5 Apr 91 13:46:05 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 4, No. 1208. Friday, 5 Apr 1991.

Date: Wed, 03 Apr 91 17:27:37 EST
From: Laine Ruus <LAINE@vm.utcs.utoronto.ca>
Subject: IASSIST conference

Data in the Global Village: Stewardship of an Expanding Resource

The 17th annual conference of the International Association of
Social Science Information Service and Technology will be held at
the Hilton hotel in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, from Tuesday, May 14,
through Friday, May 17, 1991. The central conference theme expresses
IASSIST members' concern for managing and sharing computer-readable
data gathered on a wide range of issues facing our global community.
This theme also touches upon the need to care for and preserve an
ever-expanding volume of computer-readable data. The conference
program features workshops, contributed papers, and roundtable
discussions reflecting international viewpoints on these concerns.


IASSIST brings together individuals from around the world engaged in
the acquisition, processing, maintenance, and distribution of
computer-readable text and numeric social science data. Founded in
1974, the membership includes data librarians and archivists,
information specialists, social scientists, researchers,
programmers, planners, and administrators from government and
private sectors.

Conference Organizers
Program Committee Chairperson:
Laine Ruus, Data Library Service
University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 978-5589

Local Arrangements Coordinator:
Chuck Humphrey, Data Library
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta
(403) 492-2741

Conference Location

The city of Edmonton lies in rolling parkland, a transitional region
between the open prairies and the Rocky Mountains. The resorts of
Banff, Jasper and Lake Louise are within an easy day trip, and in
mid-May are still open for skiing. (There will be a post-conference
excursion to Banff). Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta and
home of the University of Alberta, the Stanley Cup champion Oilers,
and of the West Edmonton Mall, the largest indoor shopping and
entertainment complex in the world. Come and join us in May for an
exciting IASSIST conference!

Special Events

Entertainment activities planned for IASSIST '91 include a period
banquet at historic Fort Edmonton and a reception at West Edmonton
Mall which will provide an opportunity for conference attendees to
'shop until they drop'.

A post-conference retreat to the spectacular Rocky Mountain resort
of Banff is an optional excursion. Because this activity is
dependant upon a minimum number of participants, those conference
attendees wishing to attend this retreat must register before April
14. To reserve a space, enclose an additional $395 (single
occupancy) or $320 (twin occupancy) with your registration. These
fees will cover deluxe motor coach transportation to and from Banff,
two nights accommodation, and the services of a tour guide.


The major airlines with direct flights into the Edmonton
International Airport are Air Canada, Canadian Airlines, Northwest
Orient, Delta Airlines, and American Airlines. Transportation
between the airport and the Edmonton Hilton is available from an
airporter service ($9.63) or taxi ($30.00). The Edmonton
International Airport is approximately 20 miles from downtown


Rooms have been reserved at the Edmonton Hilton, the conference
site, at a special conference rate of $105.00 for a single room and
$115.00 for a double. These rates are guaranteed until April 13,
1991 only.

Please contact the Hilton directly to make your reservation before
April 13 by mailing the enclosed reservation form or by calling the
toll free reservation line (1-800-268-9275). Be sure to identify
yourself as an IASSIST conference attendee. Information on
alternative accommodations may be obtained from the Local
Arrangements Coordinator.

Registration and Fees

If you register before April 14, fees for IASSIST members are: $200
for workshops and conference, $175 for conference only, $100 for
workshops only, and $100 for one-day attendance. Non-members should
add $50 to these fees. After April 14th, a late registration fee of
$50 should be added A new membership in IASSIST is $40 U.S.

To register for the conference, workshops, and Banff post-conference
excursion, please return the enclosed registration form along with
your payment.

Useful Telephone Numbers

Local Arrangements: (403) 492-5212
Edmonton Hilton
Toll-free reservations 1-800-268-9275
In Edmonton (403) 428-7111

[materials deleted. eds.]

Conference Workshops

Tuesday, May 14, 1991

Starting a Data Library
Workshop Coordinator: Ilona Einowski
Description: Experienced data librarians will describe how to start
a new data library service. Examples of the various activities
involved in organizing and operating a data library will be

Living with UNIX
Workshop Coordinator: Jim Jacobs
Description: Many data libraries are moving to Unix environments.
This workshop will provide a basic introduction to Unix and offer a
hands-on lab addressing such topics as general Unix utilities, Unix
text utilities, varieties of Unix platforms, networking, tape
handling, security, and portability.

Financial Time Series
Workshop Coordinator: Walter Piovesan
Description: With increasing use of financial databases, the staff
of data libraries are having to become more familiar with these
products. This workshop introduces two such databases, CRSP and
COMPUSTAT, and will cover the content of these databases as well as
the ways in which users select data from them.

Using Interactive Graphics and Statistical Data in the Classroom
Workshop Coordinator: Wendy Watkins
Description: Canada and Norway have projects using interactive
graphics that are aimed at putting complex databases into the hands
of high school teachers and students. This workshop will introduce
Norway's NSDstat+ and Canada's TELICHART software and will allow
participants to experiment with both packages during a hands-on

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Laine G.M. Ruus Bitnet : laine@utorvm
Data Library Service Internet : laine@vm.utcs.utoronto.ca
University of Toronto

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