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Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 4, No. 1210. Monday, 8 Apr 1991.

(1) Date: Sat, 6 Apr 91 22:51:09 EST (29 lines)
From: elli%ikaros@husc6.BITNET (Elli Mylonas)
Subject: De Italia

(2) Date: Fri, 05 Apr 91 08:57:48 EST (76 lines)
From: Mark Ritchie <AVFILM2@watdcs.UWaterloo.ca>
Subject: De Italia

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Date: Sat, 6 Apr 91 22:51:09 EST
From: elli%ikaros@husc6.BITNET (Elli Mylonas)
Subject: De Italia

This is a videodisc produced by the Agnelli Foundation in Italy. It
covers subjects Italian from geology through the Romans, the
Renaissance up to Sophia Loren and the Fiat Company.

It was created as a standalone videodisc, with several chapters,
and interleaved text frames with images frames. Each area has only
very sketchy coverage.

An interactive HyperCard appication was created that runs on the Mac
and drives the videodisc. It allows much better searching and
grouping of information.

Jeff Wills at the University of Wisconsin Madison made an agreement
with the Agnelli Foundatin and the University of Wisconsin Press to
distribute a small number of copies of the videodisc and interactive
stacks. He is in the Classics Department there, and would know what
the status of the distribution effort is. He also developed some add
on HyperCard materials to allow students and instructors to create
simple lists of pertinent data on the disc.

De Italia was demonstrated at this last APA in San Fransisco at the
University of Wisconsin Press booth. The perosn who saw it may have
seen it there.

Elli Mylonas
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Date: Fri, 05 Apr 91 08:57:48 EST
From: Mark Ritchie <AVFILM2@watdcs.UWaterloo.ca>
Subject: De Italia

De Italia is a "Videodisc Encyclopedia of Italian Civilization" which
was produced by the Fondazione Giovanni Agnelli. You can contact them
through the publishers --
Edizioni Della Fondazione S.R.L.
Via Giacosa 38
Turin, Italy
Below is a description of the item. A Hypercard stack is also


TITLE: De Italia
or: the Videodisc Encyclopedia Of Italian Civilization

Fine Arts - History
Geography - Italy
History - Italy

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Edizioni Della Fondazione S.R.L.
for Fondazione Giovanni Agnelli
The DE ITALIA videodisc is a visual encyclopedia of Italian
civilization in English. It is in CAV format, NTSC standard
and is fully interactive.
Developed over a period of three years, DE ITALIA is a
unique application of videodisc technology, combining the
information content of a full encyclopedia with the easy
access and image storage capacity of the videodisc,
resulting in a perfect information source for those
interested in Italy and Italian culture.
The disc contains 15,000 texts and 20,000 still
photographs, plus 500 computer graphic maps, charts and
diagrams, organized into 53 topical chapters and referenced
in the fully-documented, illustrated index book which is
included in the package.
DE ITALIA provides a comprehensive visual presentation
of Italy, from its origins to the present day, in a unique
collection of the highest-quality images, chosen out of over
500,000 entries from the major photographic archives and
transferred onto videodisc using the most advanced digital
slide scanner, and colour-corrected frame by frame.
In the course of the production of the encyclopedia, a
the extent that around 10,000 of the images on the disc
depict works of art or monuments, creating a vast reference
source of that heritage.
The encyclopedia covers a variety of
subjects--geography and nature, history, the economy, the
arts, science, landscape and towns, everyday life, etc.,
organized into individual chapters. The accompanying index
book allows the user direct selection of the chapter and its
contents or, using the general, alphabetical index, direct
access to people, places, topics, as well as a more
historical reference using the chronological index.

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Oh, by the way, the best part is that it was free.

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