4.1216 Austronesian Linguistics Conference (1/70)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Mon, 8 Apr 91 19:28:49 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 4, No. 1216. Monday, 8 Apr 1991.

Date: Mon, 1 Apr 91 08:58:19 -1000
From: Byron Bender <bender@uhccux.BITNET>
Subject: 6th International Conference on Austronesian Linguistics

Attn: B. W. Bender, Chair
Tel: (808)956-8374
Bitnet: t041320@uhccmvs
Fax: (808)956-2191

March 27, 1991


Conference Program (preliminary draft). Convenors and participants:
please bring needed corrections to our attention so that the final copy
of the program (to be distributed at registration on May 20) is as free
of error as possible. We have been short on staff and clerical support,
and have not been able to acknowledge all communications individually.
A "Y" in front of your name on the program will confirm that your
conference fee has been received.

Paper Copy Service. As a service to those attending the conference,
each author on the program is invited to provide the Copy Service with a
reproducible copy of his or her paper. Submission of such a copy should
be accompanied by authorization to reproduce it upon request for anyone
at the conference. Orders may be placed for copies in the Copy Service
Office by Wednesday noon, May 22, at the latest. The Office will be
open during conference hours through Friday noon, May 24.

Handouts. Authors are responsible for the production and distribution
of any materials to accompany the presentation of their papers. In most
cases it will probably be best to bring multiple copies with you; the
Business Center at the hotel charges 15" a page.

Audio-visual support. Overhead projectors and slide projectors will be
made available upon request. Please let us know of your needs well

April 19 deadline for hotel reservations. For the special conference
rates, one night's deposit must be received by then. Forms for the
three levels of accommodation were enclosed with the Call for Abstracts,
and are available again upon request. Due to the press of time it is
recommended that the hotel be contacted directly: Toll Free:
1-800-367-5170; FAX: 1-800-456-4329.

Conference fee. Rates are as follows, payable to "University of Hawaii
Foundation", with the notation "6ICAL":
Participant: $US 125
Accompanying person: 50
Student: 25
Payment of the conference fee includes a place at the Conference Banquet
on May 24.

Meeting of the On-going Committee for ICAL's. Prospective hosts for
future conferences should prepare proposals for consideration by the
Committee at this meeting, scheduled for Wednesday noon, May 22, and
send them to B. W. Bender, who will convene the meeting.

6th International Conference on Austronesian Linguistics
Outrigger Prince Kuhio Hotel, Honolulu, HI
May 20-24, 1991


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